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Mars Attacks The Transformers

In the 9-6, day to day life that we live in today, there are rarely any surprises.  We have micro-managed the element of chance from our existence.  We walk pre-set paths from responsibility to responsibility and if you’re in deep ...

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Deathmatch #1 From BOOM! Studios

Hello Comical Musings faithful.  It has been a little while since our last post.  Many of the Writer’s Blok has been indisposed and even though I have been reading quite a bit, nothing has been jumping out at me critically. ...

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I Read A Manga! (From Right To Left Even!)

To preface this blog post, I have never read Japanese manga before.  Ever.  I never really liked any cartoon phenomenon that ended in “-mon.”  When I was a kid, Japanese culture was sneakier and thinly veiled in Transformers, Speed Racer, ...

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