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A Different Take On Logan

Despite being a mini-series (3 comics total), this story helps explain a large chunk of Wolverine’s character. Granted, I am a sucker for character backstories. However, “Logan” contains all the elements necessary to make a great story-war, revenge, a little romance, and Wolverine at his bloody, savage best.

For a mutant who can’t fly, blow up other peoples’ brains with his, or alter the weather (dramatically, with rolling eyes, while floating in the air), Wolverine enjoys a notoriety similar to Captain America or Professor X. While many comics use this to turn Wolverine into the typical antihero-brooding, sometimes selfless, mostly reformed badass- author Brian K. Vaughan chose instead to present the reader with some of Wolverine’s more compassionate side.

What followed was a story painful in its poignance. It was a clear case of people trying to survive a war without being killed or losing too many pieces of themselves in the process. Gone are most of the glib, perfectly timed quips that mark Wolverine’s dialogue. His killing is quicker, with less bloody glory. Vaughan introduces to the reader a somewhat shy, slightly awkward Logan while deftly weaving the story’s present-day happenings with past occurrences. This tale highlights some of the main reasons why Wolverine is who he has become.

Dean White’s watercolors didn’t enhance the storytelling for me. Too often I found myself wondering, “Why does she have red fingernails if she doesn’t have nail polish?” or “Wolverine’s facial structure seems to have changed from the last page to this one… what happened to his chin/jaw/cheeks?” I admired White’s rendition of Japan’s natural scenery more than I did the fact that the heroine seems to be wearing eyeliner all the time. The inconsistencies in the comics distracted me from what was happening with the characters.

Overall, this was a great mini-series. If you’re looking for a quick read, or are tired of seeing Logan written the same way, pick this comic up. If not, you can find a suitably sarcastic, guarded Wolverine at your local comic book store.


~ Shiera Carter ~


Note From The Editor:   You can pick up Brian K. Vaughn’s critically acclaimed “Logan” series at for only $10.99

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