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A funny little video about drugs and hypocrisy…

    Greetings and welcome to Comical-Musings.  Today I present to you a funny little video that my friend Chris, of, shared with me for the blog.  I had been a huge fan of the arcade game that inspired and provided the template for this video.  I really enjoyed it, as I do much from and thought that you might like to see it too:

  It got me thinking…”How many superheroes do use drugs?”  There is Captain America, obviously after the video, who used super soldier serum.  Hourman from DC takes drugs and turns super strong for an hour.  Green Arrow’s superhero sidekick, Speedy, used heroin to get sup…actually that is one of the most controversial and sad storylines in comics ever, so never mind.  Even Hank Pym has to take Pym particles to get big or little (Giantman or Ant Man) and who knows if those are carcinogenic or even addictive.  I’m pretty sure that Iron Man has to have a couple of drinks for the suit to work…or maybe he’s just an alcoholic.  Have a great day faithful readers

~ Scott Deaux ~

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