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Favorite comics: Blacksad, Daytripper, The Goon, Fantastic Four, Batman

Defining Quote: "If it's true we might die, let it be without regrets. Let it be with vigor. Let it be as giants." Jonathan Hickman via Namor

Goodnight, Sweet Prince: A Tribute to The Fallen

Goodnight, Sweet Prince: A Tribute to The Fallen

JK Leo is a man of many faces, not unlike Jaqen H’gar or Michael Jackson. Usually he’s the smooth-talking, Gambit-lampooning, Scott Deaux-frustrating, wants to defend Preacher from Shiera Carter because PREACHER IS AMAZING but also doesn’t feel like writing 7,000 ...

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JK Leo And The MorrisonCon Adventure

MorrisonCon Primer Somebody had a great idea. Take an enclave of some of the most well-respected creators in the world of comics, put them in the most happening party town in the world, and create an exclusive weekend conference around ...

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