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Avengers: The Origin….Good, or Not Good?

beardladyWelcome everyone to Comical-Musings!  So…today, I will be discussing the 5 part series “Avengers: The Origin,” written by Joe Casey and drawn by Philip J. Noto.  This comic book is interesting.  It’s a re-telling of the beginning of The Avengers.  I really thought the old school looking art, especially the heroes, was very well done.  It is a re-vamp and I am usually the first one on board with anything like that (see my obsession with the Ultimate Books).  The funny thing is that although this is a decent origin story, I kinda felt that it was like a bearded lady.  I mean it was pretty and sweet like Bea, the “bearded woman heroine/female companion of the Hulk,” was in this story, but there was something slightly odd and a little off-putting about it.  I mean, a bearded woman is a lady…with a beard.  This comic book is a re-vamp story with no intrigue or punch.  Rick Jones, longtime teenage companion of the Hulk, is a hacker with a group of hacking buddies.  It tries to be relevant, but when they pull guns, it looks like a bad allusion to Pineapple Express.  Everything it tries to do is shallow.  They even try to tug at heartstrings with the aforementioned relationship between Hulk and this circus performer, but it feels cheap and fake and forced.  It’s for that reason that I think it misses the mark.  Even though it read very smoothly, it was barely even entertaining.  Even though every single location that they use in the book are cool places that I have been and could even recognize.  Even though the Thor and Loki dialogue is written REALLY well, Old English and all.  Even though I prefer Tony Stark’s old armor and the scene where Hulk punches him in the face, it ends up kinda’ like a woman…with a beard.


Just a little weird and off-putting.  They defeat Loki, God of Mischief by trapping him in a missile silo.  They trap a god … in a silo.  Diseased.  The Hulk talks in perfect English with a tiny bit of slang to it, but then acts like a maniacal animal.  Stupid.  The Hulk joins the circus where they dress him up as a robot and have him pick up cages full of tigers so he can hide out from the authorities.  Weak.


The whole thing was just weak, stupid, and ultimately diseased.  The amount of reaching that occurs would make Stretch Armstrong blush.  For every good thing, there are two bad.  It wasn’t a terrible read, but I feel like you would have to REALLY like the Avengers to like this.  I encourage people to “Read on!” weekly, but you might skip this one.  It seems like the writer even knew that his work was tragically unpleasant.  It’s seen here, echoed in the words of Bea, the bearded woman…

“My God…!’t supposed to be like this..NO..!”

~ Scott Deaux ~

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