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Avengers Vs. X-Men 0

Let’s get it out of the way, I LOVED Avengers Vs. X-Men 0. It was so good and took characters that I didn’t care about or even know of except for in the periphery and made them great. It was a masterful parallel character study and who would have expected less from Jason Aaron and Brian Michael Bendis. Those two are about as safe as you can get with writers. Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man went 150+ issues before changing direction and it still tears up the sales numbers. Jason Aaron kills everything that he touches with Wolverine or The Punisher, but is most famous for creating one of the most prolific comic books of our time, Scalped. These two team with Frank Cho who seems to have abandoned making cheesecakey pornography and focused on making facial expressions that really emote. It really works and is a delight to read.

If I were to speak plainly, before I read this I was tired of event comic books and un-interested in the upcoming crossover. Fear Itself murdered the joy that Siege had given me, but now I am ready. My mind is spinning to thoughts of what could be cooking for Marvel’s moneymakers. How did this happen?

The way that Marvel captured my interest was to start with Scarlet Witch getting dressed down by her husband in a shocking way. The girl Avengers were ready to bring her home and forget about House of M (where she killed lots of people using her husband’s body), but Vision is an android and his answer is cold, calculated, and brutally honest. Wolverine backs him up in a very strong character move and you get the sense that this book is going to be real.

Then, they drop the bombshell that is Hope Summers on me. I never knew anything about the star of Messiah Complex, but when you tell me that there is a Summers girl with mutant power copying abilities (I loved Mimic) who was trained by Cable in the future and I am intrigued. The scene in Avengers Vs. X-Men 0 when she dispatches the Serpent Society was really well done and I felt like in that instant I connected with the character.

So, in these two powerful women, we have an older heroine looking for redemption and a young heroine looking to fulfill her purpose. Hope has found out that the Phoenix Force (destructive warrior god of the Marvel universe) wants to take up residence inside of her and the scary part is that she seems resolved to take on that power. All of the X-Men are very nervous and she is resolved. It’s incredibly thought-provoking because Hope is supposed to save the Mutants and the Phoenix Force has the power to reshape galaxies. Hope is on the precipice of having untapped power. At the same time Scarlet Witch has used her reality-altering powers to the detriment of the world and now she is trying to get her life back. Scarlet Witch has blown her chances for fulfillment and draws the ire of her people.

I can’t even speculate where this series is going to go. Scarlet Witch is a mutant fighting the X-Men and that should be a theme. Two big teams fighting it out…that should be a theme. If the Phoenix Force does show up, things could get VERY interesting. We will wait and see on Wednesday, April fourth.

~ Scott Deaux ~

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