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Big Announcement This Week For Dallas Comic Book Fans

    Hi everybody and welcome to Comical-Musings.  Typically when you hop onto our little site, you are gifted with a review of an excellent or…terrible comic series placed in blog form.  Rarely is the blog used to promote anything ( sometimes because I love those guys) but, today I have been notified of an AMAZING deal available to Dallas comic book fans!  Check this out:

Starting Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 every superhero comic, graphic novel, hard cover, trade paperback and back issue (out for sale) from DCU, Marvel, Wildstorm, Top Cow (A.K.A. Superhero Universes) will be 10% off.
But, every day the pressure builds and we add 10% TO THE OFFER!
On Wednesday August 24th the Superhero Universes offer moves to 20% OFF
On Thursday August 25th the Superhero Universes offer moves to 30% OFF
On Friday August 26th the Superhero Universes offer moves to 40% OFF
On Saturday August 27th the Superhero Universes offer moves to 50% OFF
On Sunday August 28th the Superhero Universes offer moves to 60% OFF
On Monday August 29th the Superhero Universes offer moves to 70% OFF
On Tuesday August 30th the Superhero Universes offer moves to 80% OFF
On Wednesday August 31st the Superhero Universes offer moves to 90% OFF
At this point you might want to sit down and catch your breath.
For Keith’s Comics Mockingbird and Keith’s Comics North Dallas… Other universes (Vertigo, GI Joe, Star Wars, Walking Dead etc.) will feel the effect but only if we have two copies of the item and only on the extra copy.
For all Keith’s Comics and More Fun Comics: Superhero toys, mugs, t-shirts, magnets and any other superhero merchandise will be 22% off on Wednesday August 31st, 2011 Only. 
Same qualification rules apply.
For all Keith’s Comics and More Fun Comics: We have arranged an extra shipment of current, re-sealable comic bags and current comic backing boards. To make sure your comics are minty fresh, we’ll be making these and all comic collecting supplies 22% off for the duration of the sales (Aug. 31st)! Limited to stock on hand. Sell outs may occur. We will re-stock ASAP if we sell out. However, because of logistics some sold out supplies may not re-stocked in time. Sorry no “rain checks”.
At Mockingbird, North Dallas for a very limited time, (OPEN TILL CLOSE – Monday August 22nd only). Make an offer on any item we’ve had since before May 1st, 2011. We may say no, but we may say yes! We might even counter offer. Items must be paid for in person on Monday only. Same qualification rules apply.

    That’s right, Keith’s Comics is cleaning house over the next week and very serious deals are going to be available to those interested in braving the crowds.  If you are able to wait a few days in, you would be able to get many of the series that we have discussed on this blog for very little money.  This is a great way to support the industry, but not get destroyed financially by doing it.  Check out their website at

This information was provided by Tim Jenkins who is a friend of Comical-Musings

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