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Big News From Our Friends At Midcity Cartoons!

Just wanna send a shout out to my friend Jonathan Upchurch at Midcity Cartoons.  He attended San Diego Comic-Con with his Grandpa, as is his custom, and brought us back some really cool Free Comic Book Day comics.  But, this is not just a post to thank him for his gift, but an announcement of sorts.  Midcity Cartoons seems like it is a small-time operation with a young man drawing his way to his dreams, but he is much closer than you might think.



Con Swag

Check out this announcement from Jonathan:

“…what I was working that won’t be in print until Sept 22.
So what was the project?
I was commissioned to do one week of the Luann comic you read in the paper (or online).
They’re completed and received final approval, so now we all wait!
First strip of the week debuts Sept 22 and runs through the 27.
Unfortunately, I cannot post anything until AFTER print date (I could get in trouble).
However I think it’ll be worth the wait.
..Oh, my characters make a small, obscure cameo on the 27th.
That’s the big news, y’all! Hopefully this will lead to more “big league” cartooning! “



My buddy ‘Church hit the big time!  We, at Comical Musings, are very proud of our friend and are glad to get to watch his dreams come true.  If you want commissions or anything like that Midcity can probably do that for you and it’s always fun to participate in their drawing challenges (right now, he is taking submissions and will draw all cartoon vehicles that we, the people suggest).  Celebrate with us at Comical Musings by liking the Midcity Cartoons page and giving him some love.


~ Scott Deaux ~

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  1. Way to go ‘Church. Happy for that dude

  2. R to the Honda Nabors

    Oh Lord, I bet his momma is just too darn proud. Wait, that’s me . . . YES I am. As a matter of fact, we gonna have a party for him.

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