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Breaking: Fantastic Four Continues To Have Fewer Than 5 Members

In a press release issued by Marvel this morning, we were alerted to the news that for the time being, Marvel’s “First Family” will continue to have its traditional roster. The team, which was headed by the aptly-named Mr. Fantastic, will continue to be headed by Mr. Fantastic. His wife, once known as the Invisible Girl, will continue to be known as the Invisible Woman, or “Sue” for short. Mr. Fantastic’s hot-headed brother-in-law, the Human Torch, has not been replaced by the Golden-Age character of the same name: the same name being, of course, the Human Torch. And every comics fan’s favorite semite since Superman will return. Benjamin Grimm, also known as the pejorative “The Thing,” will remain on the Fantastic Four for the time being. This brings the total number of team members to approximately four, which is less than five.  I’m JK Leo, bringing you the news…as it happens.


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