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Breaking: ZDARSCON Happened Today!

Earlier today, an amazing comic convention took place in Toronto at Fan Expo Canada.  Professionals in the comic book industry came out in droves to meet hundreds of fans.  Take for instance, this picture from Jim Zub:


But, arguably, the biggest attraction in Toronto today was across the street from Fan Expo…literally.


Chip Zdarsky is a bad boy artist in the comics industry who has won praise and acclaim for his work on the popular title that he creates with Matt Fraction, Sex Criminals from Image Comics.  Zdarsky is a free spirit and is not afraid to do silly things on a whim, displaying an almost Kaufman-esque commitment to whatever celebrity he has garnered.  He amuses me greatly and although I am far too prudish for him:

He ain't kiddin'

He ain’t kiddin’

I am in love with his antics today.


Recently, it became known that “ZDARSCON,” would be an event happening at a secret location where Chip was going to attend a comic-con as the only guest.  They released this promo for it on his twitter:


It would be sponsored by The Beguiling, an industry leader in comic art sales, and would be on August 30th, 2014…TODAY.  Although it looked like a joke, Chip was serious.  The location that they chose for his secret one-man comic-con?  Across the street from Fan Expo Canada…on the street.


Chip dressed up all fancy like with a nice chair, a rack of his comics for sale, and a banner and proceeded to do one of the more awkward, punk rock things that I have seen recently.  He had all kinds of goodies to offer his fans.  For instance, sketch covers that he did on comics from companies that he doesn’t work for…$20 each


He even offered people a chance to touch his Eisner Award (one of, if not the most prestigious award in comics).



Through his antics, he hopes to promote his books and his craft.  It was definitely creative, which you can say of all of Chip’s endeavors.  I would say that this was a great stride.  It certainly made me laugh and want to share.  I wonder how Chip feels it went:



~ Scott Deaux ~

P.S. I don’t own any of these pictures.  They all belong to the Twitter users that I screenshotted them from.

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