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Christmas In July With Brian Joines’ “Krampus!”

If you remember, I really liked Brian Joines’ “Imagine Agents” and recommended it weekly while it was coming out.  I was enamored with Brian Joines’ creativity in the midst of utilizing ideas that had been done before.  There was something “fresh” about this previously unheard of writer.  I enjoyed it and heard that he was going to do a Krampus story.  At the time, I rushed out and bought issue #1 and #2.  I thought that the art looked a little bit sketchy and started to see lots of things on tv/the internet about Krampus.  It was like 2013 was the year of the Krampus, filled with cosplays, jokes, and an American Dad special.  I bought issues 1-3 beginning in December, but was sour on it due to over-exposure to the concept of Krampus.  Imagine how surprised I was to pick it up in July and LOVE it.


The concept is “Santas from every country in the world are weakened by an act of yuletide terrorism.  With nowhere else to turn, the Santas release the Krampus on a wacky adventure somewhere between Law and Order and Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego.”  It is in the journey that Krampus! really shines.  Well fleshed out supporting characters and thorough storytelling allow Joines to create something dense with a lot of life to it.  I chuckled aloud a few times, which is high praise. There are times where the story drags a little bit in spite of the globe-hopping nature of the book.  There are times where even though Dean Kotz draws EVERYTHING, the art is a little too loose for my liking (sugar plum fairies, mostly).  There are occasionally cheesy lines, but all of these things cannot detract from Krampus!.  The Krampus is a likable anti-hero with a lot of heart, expression, and attitude.  The aforementioned supporting cast was my favorite part of the whole book and at times, the show is sufficiently stolen by a surprising cameo (YOU WILL KNOW WHO IT IS).  It is thoroughly entertaining and well worth a read.

So, anyways, Krampus! is good stuff that I can recommend for your literary consumption.  You can buy it on Image Comics’ website digitally at $2.99 an issue for a grand total of about $14.95.  Grab it on a whim, thank Brian Joines on his Facebook or Twitter, and then let me know what you think of it in our comments section.


~ Scott Deaux ~

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