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Comical Musings Introduces You To New Blogger, “Polaris Rex”

Scottdeaux: We are excited to welcome a new contributor to The Writer’s Blok in “Polaris Rex.”  She likes reading a lot and writing a lot and brings a unique perspective as a more than experienced book reader taking on the adventure that is “comics.”  She has seen more comic book movies than me and is steeped in geek culture.  Without adieu, here is her personally written introduction:



*Waves excitedly* Good morning (afternoon, evening), my fine friends! I am honored to be here! My name is Polaris Rex. Obviously, my name is not Polaris Rex (although if I ever had children, you can bet I would name one of them Polaris because according to my 11-year-old nephew, the name Ashley is dead and buried, so why wouldn’t I name my daughter Polaris?), but as I was given the daunting task of deciding what to call myself on this marvelous site where all the writers are uncommonly witty, I thought to myself, if I’m going to give myself a name, it might as well be something grandiose. I am, after all, here to talk about X-Men, and if they can call a mutant Negasonic Teenage Warhead, why can’t I be called “Polaris Rex?”


We’ll just pretend that was an effective segue into the discussion of my favorite comic, which is now and will forevermore be The X-Men series. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Of course I know there are like billions of spin-offs and origin stories, and shouldn’t I choose between ­Uncanny X-Men­ and X-Factor, but oh my sweet summer child, it took me almost a week to come up with the awful name Polaris Rex, and now you want me to choose a favorite X-Men series? I think not.


I will, however, tell you why I love the X-Men comics and how that fits into my love for comics in general. I love visuals. Sure, I spend hours upon hours reading very non-visual novels, but at the end of the day, if you sit me down in front of a comic book where the most popular character wears bright yellow spandex, I’m going to be happier than Wolverine when he got his Adamantium and no longer had to walk around looking like a loser with bone claws (I have so many opinions about Wolverine’s bone claws, but I’ll get into that some other time). I love visual art, I love color, I love mutants walking around in ridiculous costumes, throwing plasma blasts at each other. When I first encountered X-Men as a child, it was through the films. Even now, watching the first few films, a part of me feels sad at their lack of color and pizzazz (yes, pizzazz), but when I saw the TV series the first time and was quite literally smacked in the face by the color and the visuals of mutant abilities at full power, I was astonished. Sigh. I believe art informs art and that famous novels wouldn’t exist without the very potent effect of visual art and music. My point being this: at the heart of it, I’m still just a little kid who reads comic books for the pretty pictures.


Also, for the female superheroes because women are seventy-three percent more likely to kick butt in a comic book (not an actual statistic).


Have a great day, but not a better day than Oscar Isaac, who is currently reading the bad reviews for X-Men: Apocalypse from his bathtub full of money and laughing jubilantly!



~ Polaris Rex ~

About Polaris Rex

Favorite comics: X-Men (all series) Quote: “Don’t think or judge. Just listen.” –Owen Armstrong

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