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Comical Musings Thinks That BOOM! Studios Wins Comics

I used to be a straight Marvel guy.  I was a huge fan of team books and in the late nineties, Marvel was all about “Young-this” and “X-that.”  It fed directly into my interests and my comic book fire was stoked.  Now, at least a decade later, my interest is being piqued by other things.  To find other things, I have had to seek out different comic book genres and properties by seeking out different comic book companies.  Today, I will discuss why “Comical Musings Thinks That BOOM! Studios Wins Comics.”


New kid in town, BOOM! Studios is rapidly growing in popularity and range.  Founded in 2005 by Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby, BOOM! Studios publishes horror, fantasy, science fiction, super-hero, literature, and action titles.  Through their KaBOOM! Imprint, they print little all ages trade paperbacks with properties like Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, and The Muppets.  In 2007, A legend passed through the company.  Mark Waid of mainstream (DC and Marvel) fame joined up as Editor in Chief, later being promoted to Chief Creative Officer and leaving BOOM! Studios in 2010 to pursue freelance work.  He left BOOM! Studios with two of their most highly regarded titles in Irredeemable and Incorruptible, both released in 2009.  BOOM! Studios has been so successful that in 2013, they acquired peer publisher Archaia Studios Press.  Things are moving onward and upward with BOOM! Studios.

BOOM! Studios wins comics because they take shots on every genre and never limit their scope of what licensed comic book they could make or what odd concept they will give voice to.  BOOM! Studios has a brave attitude, exudes boldness in execution, and is confident in the moves that they make.  For a born and bred Marvel guy, it seems like all I ever read anymore are BOOM! Studios titles.

The aforementioned Irredeemable and Incorruptible take a look at flopping the roles of major characters in, what is essentially, the DC Universe.  Along the way they create a lot of memorable scenes…some that are so creepy that they are hard to forget.  Mark Waid has a history with Superman and in Irredeemable, he posits what would happen if everyone’s favorite super-powered alien went all the freaking way off of the rails.  When it had moderate success, Waid wondered “what a villain would do if he suddenly was faced with something more evil than himself?” and in the wake of that pondering, Incorruptible brings the story of a villain turned hero to the reader.  Both stories flipped convention on it’s ear and made for important jewels in the BOOM! Studios crown.





The idea behind Big Trouble In Little China is “what if the cult classic, Kurt Russell movie never had to end?”  It’s a great suggestion because that movie is beloved and the average reviewer rating of this comic book is an 8.0 with John Carpenter (you know who that is), Eric Powell (The Goon), and Brian Churilla (The Sixth Gun: Sons Of The Gun) on the 1’s and 2’s.  The comic picks right up where the movie leaves off and doesn’t lack any of the Kung Fu or the absurdity that it’s silver screen counterpart is famous for.  A fun read for fans of the film.





Wild’s End is billed as a mixture between War of The Worlds and The Wind In The Willows which Ifanboy‘s Josh Flanagan describes as “British as hell.”  Supremely well written by Dan Abnett with brilliant pacing and beautiful, albeit simple, art laid out perfectly by I.N.J. Culbard.  I love this series and find it surprises me, despite keeping up with conventions of modern storytelling.  The model BOOM! Studios typically employs lends itself to miniseries and when you read a BOOM! Studios book, you can typically tell that the story will be contained in a bite-sized portion which will leave you entertained.  Wild’s End has me cherishing every moment that I spend waiting for what promises to be a satisfying conclusion.





Taking calculated risks like publishing comics written by a punk rocker like Max Bemis (Evil Empire and Polarity) or putting out weird conceptualized properties like Kurt Busiek‘s Dracula: Company of Monsters, BOOM! Studios rarely disappoints.  Adventure Time has tons of different, varied series that BOOM! Studios is publishing and collecting awards for.  Black Market, Memetic, etc…  BOOM! Studios is publishing tons of “It” books in the comic book community and it’s only a matter of time until they find their Saga.  I trust them so much that I will give almost any new thing that they do a try.  With a great track record and a spirit of adventure, BOOM! Studios is a good publisher to bet on.  Comical Musings Thinks That BOOM! Studios Wins Comics.


~ Scott Deaux ~

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