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What Comics To Watch For On Wednesday, 08/06

Hi, welcome to our weekly post where we tell you “What Comics to Watch For On Wednesday.”  We are doing our best to recommend a few titles worth your time this week.  It is good to note that we rarely suggest mid-run titles, because we try to provide good jumping on points or oddities that must be seen to believe.  Last week, we recommended 1,000,000 titles, because comics were SO good.  This week…is like, meh.  Still some interesting possibilities though…at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Posted with no MS Paint

Posted with no MS Paint


This week’s offerings:

Big Trouble In Little China #3

This adaptation of the Kurt Russell cult classic stays true to the source material and is in good hands with The Goon‘s Eric Powell.  Sillyness has and will ensue.



Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1

Usagi Yojimbo is the creation of Stan Sakai and has been in existence as long as I have (30 years).  Stan has won multiple Eisner awards and is highly regarded as a creator who worked his way up into being great; from letterer to writer.  Usagi Yojimbo is a great character with a long history and Senso is the latest series to feature him.  Also, he is a samurai rabbit.  Check it out and let us know what you think?!



Moon Knight #6

The art tour de force of Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire comes to it’s conclusion with Moon Knight #6.  Yet another great Moon Knight series ends with far fewer issues than I wish there were.



Earth 2 #26

Black Superman beats up Evil Superman.  The cover says it all.  Is anyone reading this anymore?



Terminal Hero #1

I think that the solicitation for this comic book is intriguing.

Rory Fletcher is a good man. The problem is, he’s dying of an inoperable brain tumor. And then his best friend introduces him to the mysterious Treatment Q.  This strange and forbidden therapy might just save Rory’s life. But its nightmarish side effects could make him question just how good he really is, and just how much he really does want to live.

So, maybe we should all read it and see if it is good together.  Who wants to read the same thing over and over again? (Life-long True Believer)



~ Scott Deaux ~  

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