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What Comics To Watch For On Wednesday, 09/10

Hi, welcome to our SUPER-SIZE, 80-PAGE GIANT post where we tell you “What Comics to Watch For On Wednesday.”  We are doing our best to recommend a few titles worth your time this week.  It is good to note that we rarely suggest mid-run titles, because we try to provide good jumping on points or oddities that must be seen to believe.  This is a SUPER-SIZED week, with tons of recommended titles to give a shot.  Something for everyone this week!


It’s driving me maaaaaaad!


This week’s offerings:

Black Market #3

This has probably been my most favorite new title.  I will give it pub every time.  I am very curious to see how Frank J. Barberie is going to wrap up this rich idea in only two more issues.  I’ll hate to see it go, but I want to see how it ends.



Batman Future’s End #1

Batman pursues immortality at the “future’s end.”  Sounds like a Batman thing to do.



Invincible #114

The end of the current story-arc comes with a body count as Robot (Scroll Over For Spoiler) has been killing EVERYBODY.  People have been enjoying this series and to see a character shift in such a dramatic way is the kind of Kirkman magic that I am hoping that Negan gets in Walking Dead.  As always, Kirkman typically sticks the landing, so this should be good.



Wild’s End #1

This is the title that I am most excited about this week.  Dark Horse and BOOM! Studios have been battling for the mantle of my favorite publisher.  This promises War-Of-The World scifi with anthropomorphic animal characters that allude to the characters in The Cornetto Trilogy.  That is a heck of a tag line.



Prophet: Strike File

Prophet is an imaginative and wild tale from Brandon Graham that tosses conventional creativity on it’s head with professional irreverence.  It was so great and we barely talked about it on CM.  One thing that was a common sentiment amongst readers was that it was hard to follow.  This is apparently a companion issue that helps make sense of it a little more.  Anything that adds to the title is destined for greatness by simply being a part of it.



Hawkeye #20

Hawkeye is coming out…it’s not an Aja issue….if I wasn’t a completion-ist….I hope it is good….




Edge Of Spider-Verse #1

The Peter Parker of the 1930’s finds himself not only up against Mysterio, but knee-deep in the Spider-Man event of 2014!



Lazarus #11

The families are coming together for the first time in ages.  Expect political intrigue and thick tension.  Greg Rucka builds on the captivating world that he has carefully crafted.  Lazarus is a can’t miss book for those in the know.



’68 Homefront #1

Zombies show up in the midst of ‘Nam.  I used to read Harry Turtledove books and alternate history stories rarely disappoint me.  In the same way, ridiculously cheesy “zombie high school” things are interesting as well.  ’68 Homefront looks to be pretty campy.  Go in with low expectations and see what you find.



Rot & Ruin #1

We are big fans of Jonathan Maberry around here.  His Marvel work was appreciated by us and it has us excited for some of his creator-owned work.  He’s won multiple Bram Stoker awards and his scary comics will make you very nervous.



Astro City #15

My wife dislikes Kurt Busiek‘s writing (despite all of my indoctrination) and as much as she hates to admit it, even she is all in on this one.  Old ladies, super people, and robots!  Sounds like a Busiek book to me!



Ms. Marvel #8

Kamala is finally teaming up with another Inhuman.  It’s Lockjaw!!!  My favorite giant teleporting dog!  As always Ms. Marvel is something special.



~ Scott Deaux ~

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