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What Comics To Watch For On Wednesday, 12/24

Hi, welcome to our weekly post where we tell you “What Comics to Watch For On Wednesday.”  We are doing our best to recommend a few titles worth your time this week.  It is good to note that we rarely suggest mid-run titles, because we try to provide good jumping on points or oddities that must be seen to believe.  Merry Christmas!


This weeks offerings!:


Arkham Manor #3

This title was prematurely, my opinion, removed from DC’s lineup (Cancelled and last issue is March 2015) so enjoy it while it lasts.


They’re Not Like Us #1

The big man at Image Comics has something interesting cooked up for us:

Generation after generation, it’s the same old S.O.S.: There’s no hope for the future, because young people think only of themselves. They have no respect for authority. They think they know everything. They are arrogant. They are reckless. They want to tear the world apart. In a time full of possibilities, yet rife with disappointment, the youth are changing. They look the same, but they act different, think different, and have abilities we can only dream of. They’re not like us.



Superman #37

Holiday fun is served up in this final chapter of the current arc, “Men Of Tomorrow.”  I love John Romita….  The Van Sciver variant cover is pictured below.


Memetic #3

The final issue of one of my favorite series of 2014 finishes up under the wire with Memetic #3.  The $%#& has already hit the fan pretty impressively and I am pretty excited to see where it goes from Issue #2 and how it wraps up.  This series is just straight up cool.


Boom! Box 2014 Mix Tape

BOOM! Studios’ Mix Tape promises to be somewhat of an anthology of great BOOM! stories and talent.  I reached out to BOOM! Studios CEO Ross Richie and asked him “why we should buy it?”:

“We lead the anthology off with the legendary Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) and follow it up with super-smash Lumberjanes but if you still need convincing, how can you go wrong with short stories titled ‘The Last Bigfoot’ and ‘Teen President’? Okay, we’ll toss in the first Munchkin comics based on the hit game just to make sure you get your money’s worth! Let me quote the legendary King of Komics Jack Kirby himself — ‘Don’t ask, just buy it!'”*
*from Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #141

So there you go…  It promises to be approx $10 worth of goodness!


All New X-Men Annual #1

I find coming of age stories with Mutants to be particularly compelling.  I trust Bendis.



He Man The Eternity War #1

Posted without comment:

The war to end all wars has begun in Eternia! Hordak and the villainous Dark Horde have taken over Castle Grayskull and plan to use it as a weapon to terrorize and rule the universe. However, a resistance is building led by She-Ra, The Sorceress Teela and the benevolent warrior He-Man! To what lengths will the Masters of the Universe go to reclaim their kingdom? What sacrifices must He-Man make to salvage his family legacy? Don’t miss a moment of this epic new MOTU series!



What I.F. #1 (One-Shot)

This is my “Outta’ left field pick” for this week!  Yes, new from Cosmic Times (a publisher I have not heard of) comes What I.F., a comic by DJ Strong and Jeramy Hobbs (creators that I have never heard of).  But, check out the solicitation…

What I.F. is an emotionally moving story told from the point of view of an imaginary friend, who ponders his own existence. It is time for him to move on, but to where? Was he imagined or did he imagine the world he lives in?

Now, ’round here?  ‘Round here, we like our imaginary friend comics.



~ Scott Deaux ~




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