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DC Talk – with Hal 08/23/13

Alright, alright, gather ’round kids.  It’s time for another edition of DC Talk, with Hal.  This is Comical Musings, and I am the resident “DC guy,” here to fulfill my contractual obligations.  Actually, it was practically preordained that I weigh in with a post today, regardless of the status of my monthly quota, because there’s a doin’s a transpirin’ in the realm of DC.

In case you hadn’t heard, Ben Affleck has opted to follow Ryan Reynolds’ awe-inspiring transition from Marvel’s second tier to DC leading man.   Affleck will be the Val Kilmer to Christian Bale’s Michael Keaton, as he takes on the role of the Dark Knight in DC’s sequel to the Man of Steel.  The internet practically exploded today as devoted fans and casual comic readers all chimed in to voice their displeasure with the casting decision.




Call me a contrarian, but I’m willing to give Affleck a shot.  His acting has matured since Elektra, and unlike many other actors he is actually a comics fan.  Previous portrayals (Kilmer, Clooney) haven’t set the bar very high, and I suspect that Affleck can realistically embody a grizzled, veteran hero, struggling to understand/neutralize an invulnerable alien who has emerged as the earth’s new messiah.  I have to give props to frequent muser Andy A., who also came out in the maelstrom and showed he wasn’t afraid to endorse Affleck.  At the same time I find the portmanteau “Batfleck” very amusing, and I can’t help but wonder if Kevin Smith or Ben’s longtime bromance partner Matt Damon will get to make a cameo.  Several memes have already been generated, positing Damon as the new Robin, but I’m hoping he’ll show up as Bat Mite.

In any event, if Jason vs. Freddy is any indication, this crossover will have enough super-heroic momentum to pull in moviegoers’ dollars like a super singularity, regardless of the acting.  And no matter what, it can’t be worse than Green Lantern.

But that’s not the only news coming out of the DC realm today.  Questionable casting nearly overshadowed the news that the Justice League will soon be re-locating to the north.  Last year, you may recall that Comical Musings had a Week of Villainy.  Now DC thought no one would realize that they were blatantly jacking our swagger if they extended it throughout the whole month of September.  The upshot is that the Justice League decided to get out of Dodge, and head to more maple-scented environs.  That’s right, in September the Justice League will be joining Alpha Flight in Canadia!  I tried to warn people back when they dropped “of America” from their name, but no one would listen.  With Jeff Lemire writing, it’s sure to be an interesting departure, eh?!




With all this and Gaiman’s The Sandman: Overture set to drop in October, it should be enough to keep us busy until the Trinity War blows over.  As always, thanks for musing, and keep it tuned here for the latest nonsensical takes on DC and the rest of the comics universe.



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