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Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Beloved by the masses, disdained by the elite; Deadpool is an enigmatic character.  With a strong foundation in elementary school humor, Deadpool comics continue to out sell their slightly more credible peers.  A brilliant series like Bendis’ Moon Knight can hardly sell 12 issues, but theres always room for Cable and Deadpool, Deadpool Corps, and Deadpool: MAX to name a few.I am not one to criticize the merit of wiener and fart jokes, but I can see what smarty pants industry aficionados find annoying about them.  The comics industry is very much screaming “We are not just for kids and college students!  Buy us please!  Legitimatize us!”  In the meantime Deadpool #70 probably features Deadpool killing people while his butt is on fire, all the while farting to make brilliant blazes to defend against enemies.  Yet, even though this disparity exists, Deadpool also exists.  There have been Deadpool titles that I have appreciated.  A few Deadpool comics were gateway drugs for my wife and I.  I also still hold that one of the best parts of Marvel’s Blockbuster Secret Invasion crossover was the Deadpool miniseries (Black Panther was probably better, but Deadpool wins for the sake of this post).  That being said, I wasn’t particularly excited to hear that a new Deadpool series was coming out.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is the latest in series that sees the bad asses of the Marvel Universe go toe to toe with every character.  The first issue has all of the same tropes of a Deadpool story.  There is violence, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, and the whole thing is irreverent.  For some reason, the story is smooth but also grips you.  Deadpool’s consciousness has been shattered and now we have a cold-blooded killer, who can regenerate, out for the blood of everyone in his respective universe.  The ways that he dispatches his enemies range from clever (using Puppet Master dolls to have characters commit mass suicide) to silly (Pym particle mini bombs grow and kill a favorite supergroup) to efficient (shooting someone in the face).  Deadpool dishes out carnage at an alarming rate as he seems to “Kill The Marvel Universe” with relative ease.  It’s a wild ride and you are constantly waiting to see what will happen next.  This is due to Cullen Bunn’s writing.  He is one of our favorites with his title The Sixth Gun.  In what is essentially a “snuff” comic book, we see the murders of many of our beloved Marvel stalwarts and although it is sick, it is entertaining.  There is even a creepy ending (not spoiling it).

There is nothing particularly polished in Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe.  There is very little that I find to be excellent about it, but it is all good.  There is intrigue on every page and when the four issue miniseries concludes to that surprise ending (still not spoiling it) you find yourself surprised that it was over so quickly.  The series is sadistic, but enjoyable.  It’s heartless, but spirited.  It’s obscene, but quirky.  It’s what is destroying the minds of the innocent, but it is worth a read.  If you can scoop it up in back issues at your local comic book store, I would recommend it.


~ Scott Deaux ~

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  1. While the last two issues were a pick up, I really was not a fan. As I said in my own blog on the first two issues, maybe I was just expecting too much when you have to get through the entire Marvel Universe in four issues. I’d have enjoyed better and longer fights. Mostly, I felt that with the change to making Deadpool a cold blooded killer that with it (or perhaps it was just Bunn’s writing) went much of what is entertaining about Deadpool.

  2. I was a little on edge with the whole thing. It was really dark. You are correct about the last two issues picking up, though. I barely remember the first two, but the great thing about this book was that it came out so fast. It was right on time and I didn’t have a ton of time to think too critically about it between issues. When it was all over, I found that it left an enjoyable taste in my mouth. Psycho Man was cool too.

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