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Eating crow NEVER tasted so delicious!

Hello and welcome to Comical-Musings.  Today, we will be breaking down prejudice and stereotypes in a magical way.  You may think that I am referring to Ultimate Spiderman’s Miles Morales, which is a great breakdown of racial stereotypes in superheroes, but I am not.  I will actually discuss this sometime rather than just teasing it, but today we are talking about a hate crime involving Atlanteans.

    Aquaman is a character loved by few and maligned by many.  He has been the butt of many jokes for years and has nearly no respect or clout left.  Through story after story and decade after decade, it has seemed that writers cannot make him relevant or interesting.  This has relegated him to the bottom tier of superheroes. Many had given up hope that Aquaman could ever do anything meaningful again.

  I was one of them.  My first experience with Aquaman was the Super Friends television show.  There was a man who could fly and shoot enemies with laser eyes and freeze breath and super strength etc, etc, etc.  There was a super strong, impervious woman with an invisible plane…an invisible plane!  There was a man who had trained himself to be the epitome of what humanity represents physically and mentally.  We put all of these super powers in a room with a guy who talks to fish.  I mean, the Wonder Twins could at least change form!  The guy talks to fish.  I think he can control water or something, but still, unimpressive.  At some point, he died and very few people cared.  Then, the Blackest Night crossover happened in the DC Universe and we realized that Aquaman was more interesting dead than alive.  The Brightest Day crossover gave him a shot at resurrection, but I am here to tell you firmly that on September 28th 2011, Aquaman came back to life.
    As part of a company-wide reboot of continuity, DC Comics released fifty-two number one issues in September.  They have been helmed by high-profile creators and are giving many characters a new lease on life.  DC has seen great success and many of these number one titles are selling out nation-wide.  It’s almost like a Renaisance period for comic books.  People are very excited about DC comics right now and rightfully so.  I picked up Aquaman #1 randomly in addition to JLA: Dark #1 (which was supposed to be the jewel in my crown this week).  It was so good.  Much better than JLA: Dark…
To try to be as spoiler-free as possible, Aquaman #1 breaks down nearly every misconception there is to be had about him being stupid.  He defeats enemies, eats a meal, and goes about life all the while taking intense criticism from common people around him.  His responses to the various charges leveled against him are quick-witted and to me, almost “The Office”-level awkward.  It was so very entertaining that the issue itself was beyond enjoyable.  I have had to tell almost EVERYONE about this gem.  I wasn’t even going to buy it until I read this review by ColdWarKid on the forums:

“Dear Geoff Johns,Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado; Thank you.
For the years of ridicule I have had at my comic shop and at cons for wearing my Aquaman hat with pride, I walked in today and got not one single quip. Thank you.
For showing Aquaman as a capable superhero who can do more then “talk to fish”. Thank you.
For not having the sea king be an angry, disgruntled d-bag in an attempt to have him be taken seriously. Thank you.
For having Arthur take all of the jabs and insults with patience and strength. Thank you.
For making my favorite DC superhero look and feel super. Sincerely thank you,”

Elijah St. Dennis,
an Aquaman fan through and through.
So, Aquaman #1 was great and I will continue reading the series.  The dangerous enemies known as “The Trench” see us as food and threaten mankind.  Thank God that we have Aquaman to save us!  When was the last time I said that?
~ Scott Deaux ~

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