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Gazing Out Over An Infinite Horizon

Although there is fighting in many comic books, rarely does a comic capture the feel of an action movie.  This isn’t generally a problem as the two mediums exist separately from each other.  But, when these two things come together, the results can induce compounded excitement.  Mash-ups of action stories and comic books rarely incite thoughts of addition, but multiplication.  We see a comic book property like Mark Millar’s “Kick Ass” realized as an action movie on the big screen and comic fans / action movie fans are whipped into a frenzy over it.  It would make sense then, that if a really great action movie concept was boiled down into a comic book, it would be wildly successful.

Now, what if I told you that Gerry Duggan (co-writer of Deadpool in Marvel: NOW!) drew inspiration from and adapted one of the most timeless action stories into a modern day action comic?  What if I then told you that critically acclaimed artist Phil Noto (Uncanny X-Force, X-23) rendered every page in beautiful, visually gripping art?  That might make you stand up and clap or run around.  My feelings about it caused me to write this blog.


Infinite Horizon is an Image Comics, comic book based on the everlasting epic, The Odyssey, by Homer.  This ancient tale is proof that nothing is new under the sun and that truly great stories stand the test of time.  The way that it is adapted in Infinite Horizon is seamless.  There is a slight shift to the future, the nations are warring and one family is separated, due to the war.  The story is about one, nameless man trying to get home to his family and one woman, named Penelope trying to hold her life together until he comes home.

The Nameless Wanderer

There are many fantastic situations and set pieces that our lead character must endure to get home.  Everything from Afghan rebels to Cyclopses to corrupt farmers back home.  The story is epic much as it’s forefather is.  The story has been described as an incredible, post-apocalyptic journey and rightfully so.  The scope is grand and well executed by artist and storyteller.  As with any good story, you need to connect with it and I found it simple to slip into the combat boots of someone desperate to get home.  Not because I am particularly good at fighting or jungle survival tactics, but because as a husband and father, I would do whatever it took to protect my family.  This simple concept is the driving force behind all of the Captain’s adventures.  He always heads forward.  It’s in his varied experiences where we find true enjoyment from the story.  It’s in his resolve to conquer anything that opposes him that draws us in.  And, it’s in his unexpected ending that we can draw joy and inspiration.

By Land

This was a good comic book.  This was an artistically rendered, two dimensional, action movie.  It hit all of the fight scenes and combat situations that you might need with an incredibly engaging main character and a legendary plot to carry the story.  Phil Noto’s art is beautiful and really makes the whole thing just a little higher concept than if someone else had done the illustration.

By Sea

Infinite Horizon was very satisfying and I recommend it highly to those that might enjoy an action movie or a Tom Clancy book, but can’t get into comics.  This might change your perception.  You can purchase this Eisner Award-nominated series at Instocktrades for only $9.89.  Until next time, be well and keep reading.


~ Scott Deaux ~

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