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Grim Leaper #3

This series, this four issue series from Image, is currently the thing I look forward to the most in the world of comics! Kurtis Wiebe just keeps blowing my mind with every issue of this story and as far as I am concerned Aluísio Santos has drawn the best panel for the entire month of July and possibly one of the best panels of all time. Looking back I can’t believe that I totally dropped the ball on covering issue #2 of this. I must’ve picked the wrong day to stop smoking crack, or something! Anyway we are now graced with book 3 of this amazing series with Lou and Ella all atwitter over one another but there’s that nagging little problem of both of them being killed in marvelous ways and having to find each other again…

My only gripe with issue three is that the initial finding of each other by Lou and Ella seems a little contrived but I am guessing that’s due to only having four books in which to tell this story and it’s a very small gripe. It is easily forgiven when it becomes obvious that our favorite couple will be spending this whole book together. Outside of that I stand absolutely amazed at how much character development happens in this book. It’s completely amazing what Wiebe is able to do here. Four books isn’t a lot in which to tell a story surrounding characters that aren’t established but this kid makes it look easy. So far this is a great story with good character development but then to have our doomed lovers decide to take fate in to their own hands…and let’s just be honest folks, there aren’t a lot of writers out there that can rival Wiebe right now. There just aren’t. I may sound like a fanboy but when you hit the twist at the end of this book you will know I am right. It really is that good.

As far as the art goes I remain as impressed as I did in when reading the first book in this series. Aluísio Santos has not changed my mind about the art and that’s a good thing. If anything it is getting even better. I don’t know whether the emotion in Wiebe’s telling of this story is making the art seem more apropos or if the art is driving the story. My guess would be that it is a combination of both of those along with some stuff that my amateur reviewer’s eye doesn’t quite glom on to just yet. From Santos’ choice of palette to the eye catching gore Grim Leaper remains my current favorite, overall, as far as art goes.(Have I mentioned how much I love being able to talk about gore when writing about a love story?) Just take the panel below, presented without context, and you’ll see what I mean.

At this point if you aren’t already heading over to Image to buy this series there’s not a lot I can do to help you. It’s only four issues and we are three in. There isn’t a book this month that you deserve to read more than this one! I am looking at August both with joy for the next book and sorrow because this series will end. However Wiebe has just started another four issue mini-series called Debris that you can be expecting a review on pretty quickly. I think as long as I can get my Weibe fix then I can forgive him for making this series so damn short.

~ Romeo Sid Vicious ~

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