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How To Read Comics… (Part 1)

Being a nerd in oh so many ways I thought that today, on Comical-Musings, I would write a little bit about different ways to read comic books on your various electronic devices. While I can appreciate that reading electronically doesn’t have that romantic feel to it that you get from holding some dead tree in your hands does, it is a viable way to achieve comic goodness these days. I plan for this to be a little series that takes us a little off the standard path of writing about comics and write a little bit about reading them. So I won’t go into the pros and cons of reading digitally today, but you can rest assured that the topic will come up during this series.

I am going to start with talking about Android apps because that’s what I am using the most of right now and with DC offering their own branded reader for Android based on comiXology (the best digital delivery service for comics and where I get my Skullkickers) and Marvel announcing their own Android app, the Android comics scene is booming. It should be booming to be perfectly honest. The tablet form factor, for which there a ton of Android devices, is just about perfect for reading comics. I personally use a 10″ Asus EEE Pad Transformer for getting most of my daily dose and absolutely love it. I have done some reading on my HTC EVO 4G but even with the large screen it’s not great. I mean it is doable but you are much better off with a tablet. (I guess here’s where I have to admit I am not iPad user but will do my due diligence and write up the readers available based on what I can find on the intertubes.)

For my money the best reader, hands down, is the standard comiXology app as it has a huge selection of available titles and all of them are priced well. The display is clean and crisp and it has nice features like swipe to page turn and so on. The biggest draw for this app is that it has iOS and web versions as well and a purchase on any platform can be viewed on any other platform. So if you had, let’s say, an iPad and you purchased 30 or so issues and came to the realization that Android was the way to go and picked up an Android tablet you could simply install the app and be right back to reading your library without any issues at all. While that’s fairly easy to accomplish, a lot of digital delivery services outside of the world of comics spend a lot of time trying to restrict the method by which you can you use your purchases so having this be an advertised feature is very nice to see. Outside of Marvel and DC the selection is also amazing as evidenced by their list of publishers for this week:

  • AC Comics
  • AdHouse
  • Antarctic Press
  • Ape Entertainment
  • Archaia
  • Archie
  • Aspen Comics
  • BOOM! Studios
  • Dark Horse
  • Drawn and Quarterly
  • Dynamite
  • Fantagraphics
  • IDW
  • Image
  • Oni
  • Previews Publications
  • SLG
  • Skybound
  • Top Cow
  • Twomorrows
  • Vertigo
  • Viz

If you can’t find something you like to read from their list of titles you are doing it wrong for sure! So bring out your inner nerd and pick up comiXology for your Android tablet today. It’s free after all and there’s better than 300 free titles for you to sample. What have you got to lose?

Next time I will talk about other readers for Android and methods of acquiring digital comic books so stay tuned…

~ Romeo Sid Vicious ~

comiXology for Android
DC branded comiXology for Android
Marvel’s Android app

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  1. If you or readers want to know, the best reader for iphone is ComicZeal.

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