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Indefensible and Humor In Comics

    Thanks for reading Comical-Musings’ content today.  For your pleasure, we are reviewing the five issue Defenders series “Indefensible,” written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis with art by Kevin Maguire.  This book is funny and if you ask me, worth a read for how dadgum cheap you can get it.

    Published in 2006, Marvel groomed Defenders to be a powerhouse book with the creative team’s re-united roster.  Giffen, DeMatteis, and Maguire were longtime collaborators and the reason that Justice League International was on anyone’s radar in the 80s.  Giffen and DeMatteis hold a special place in the hearts of fans for their humorous writing and characterizations of super-people and Maguire’s ability to draw these “gods” like real people have kept them in business for decades.  So when these things all collided, many didn’t know what they’d get.
    I remember walking into the comic book store on Forest lane for my weekly ritual.  I would drive twenty minutes to the Lone Star Comics, that no longer exists, purchase my comic books and drive the twenty minutes back to campus.  I would hurriedly run into my dorm room (cleaned only Wednesday mornings for comic book enjoyment) and stretch out on my bed beneath the window.  The sun would shine through onto my skin and I would crack the first book on the top of my stack.  “Magical,” doesn’t begin to describe the peace that followed.  This was the place that comic books fit in my life.  I regularly purchased Exiles and various other X-Men titles, but just like now, I was open to suggestion and trying new things in the medium.  It was in this place that I purchased issue number one of this series.  I found it to be chock full of jokes and gags and at the time, I was looking for something a little more serious and in the vein of Ultimates.  “That was ok, but not for me,” I thought.  The art was striking and I remember feeling surprised at how lifelike the characters looked.  It was fun, but I dropped off before issue two.  I dropped it, but never forgot.
    Fast forward to now.  I looked at my stack recently and everything is dramatic and violent with very little amusement.  The grim and gritty story-telling that sells is a sign of the times as people consistently lose trust and faith in anything more and more each day.  Characters prominently die and lose limbs and loved ones like it’s nothing in comics these days.  As a trade off, we are being treated to realism and complexity that the genre may have never seen, but it gets a little heavy.  It was in a brief moment of escapism that I decided to get that silly old Defenders series.
    I am happy to report that Defenders: Indefensible is still just as ridiculous as it was six years ago and feels more like an episode of Frazier than anything else.  Silly sight gags and salty comedy fill the pages of the issues and it is a fun way to spend five issues.  The comics industry is beginning to come around on the idea of things being “fun” in titles like Wolverine and The X-Men, but tragedy is still far more common.  If you want to read something goofy with crazy art and characters that you can relate to right now, you can buy the Indefensible premiere hardcover collection for only $11.99 from Instocktrades or even as low as $3.18 + shipping on Amazon.  I recommend it.  If you ever read this, let me know what you thought in the comments below and as always, stay tuned for new content throughout the week!

~ Scott Deaux ~  

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