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Is this the end?!?!

This is the end. My only friend, the end.

Musers, it would seem is in danger of going belly-up from disuse and disinterest. I could start a (nother) GoFundMe. I could start a meaningless But, for real, do you want “hashtag” to exist or no? My bro, the OG of CM needs y’all to clap (or just generally react) to prove anyone cares if we continue to generate content. For what it’s worth, it will be worth it. (If my peeps can clap CM back into existence then I will write a monthly post while inebriated, for the frest of 2017. #yesImeantToSayFrest

DC doin’ some cray-cray stuff….. Scott might be workin’ on his own comic… Do you want to know more?….. Then please, just let us know so I can convince Bim Benkins not to shut us down. We love y’all. May the Force ever be in favor of you living long and prospering… Nanoo nanoo.



This is not the end!
Comical Musings Lives!!! Thank you all, dear readers, for your support. And BIG thanks to Scott and Bim for not pulling the plug. There’s life in the old girl yet, and you guys made a great decision because you are great guys. I realize I’ve committed myself to actually writing more stuff, but that’s fine. I’ve got some plans, and hopefully big things are in store for our humble blog, so stay tuned, be blessed, and keep musing.

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