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JK Leo Gets His Very Own Press Release

Our very own JK Leo is all growed up and issued his very own press release today.  Without further adieu…:

Blood, spit, and hellfire.

Dead Mage is a digital-first comics mini-series from author John Leo and artist Garth Binam, with a cover by acclaimed artist Natasha Alterici (Illustrated Girl) and letters by Rachel Deering (Dark Horse, DC/Vertigo). The story a western/fantasy mash-up with a very mythic feel. Think A Fistful of Dollars meets Hellboy, sprinkled with seasonings from HP Lovecraft’s secret drug stash.

Dead Mage follows the story of Dirt, the aging sheriff of a frontier town, and his headstrong young deputy, Charlotte Granger. This is a world where gunslingers use magic as readily as bullets. Where demonic incursions regularly threaten to destroy the mortal world. Where the only thing keeping you from being dead is a quick draw and a sharp mind.

But when an incursion razes his town and leaves Dirt with an unhealable wound, he and Charlie begin a journey that will take them across the desert and into the depths of Hell itself. You will see: tentacles, eye patches, and a demon getting shot three times with one bullet.

Who the hell are you?

John Leo is a former teacher, and is presently an author and graduate student. He has published numerous poems, stories, and essays with Untitled Publications, and received a notable mention in Gemini Magazine for his short story “Without.” In 2014, John Leo was featured as one of Untitled Publications’ “Ten Emerging Artists You Need To Know.” He writes novels, hip-hop songs, and comic books, and is currently developing his drinking problem. Mr. Leo lives in Indiana with his wife and their murderous cat.

Garth Binam is a recent master’s graduate from the Guildhall Program at Southern Methodist University. That’s in Texas. He is passionate about art and video games.

Dead Mage is currently being funded on IndieGoGo. Contribute here!

Godspeed young man.

~ Scott Deaux ~

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