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What I learned by looking at Newsarama 1/10/14

We are not necessarily a cutting-edge breaking news operation.  I don’t always read previews.  I don’t always keep up with my comic book news.  So today, I had a brief moment and looked at Newsarama.  I saw three articles that amused/interested me.  I thought that I would share with links and everything.  Because, Friday.


1. Image Expo looks cool.



There is a concise write up on Image Expo 2014 and it looks like while DC and Marvel are re-inventing their titles, Image is aiming to launch even more new ideas in comics this year.  My favorites were as follows:

C.O.W.L. =The teaser image for this series is striking and made me read the whole dang article.  It’s basically unionized superheroes ridding Chicago of all crime.  It sounds really interesting and the character designs are really attractive, even in silhouette.

Bitch Planet = Kelly Sue DeConnick writes a comic book homage to 60s and 70s “exploited women in prison” movies and calls it “Bitch Planet.”  I will NEVER read this title, but the fact that it will exist amuses me.

Invincible #111 = I’m not sure how I feel about Invincible anymore, but I know how much I dislike it when Kirkman tries to be cute.  The solicitation for #111 is “three number ones in one issue.”  Kirkman is stating that the whole series is switching gears, so at least that is interesting…

Wytches = So, Scott Snyder is making a comic with Jock about realistic, scary witches that he promises will terrify you.  That sounds cool.



2. The idea of All-New Ghost Rider Genuinely excites me.

Apparently all of the news about All-New Ghost Rider came out last year (they call me “Scoop” Deaux), but somehow I missed it.  I love the idea of a Hispanic teen tearing up the streets with a Spirit Of Vengeance muscle car.  Ghost Rider has always been appealing to me, but has never stuck.  Maybe “NOW” is the time.



3. Iron Fist’s new series looks, maybe, too CREEPY!



I really enjoyed “The Immortal Iron Fist” and was sucked in/entertained by the Kung Fu aesthetics.  This new Iron Fist from Kaare Andrews looks like a cool idea, to weaponize him more and make him gritty, but the teaser image I saw is downright scary.  I give props to Kaare Andrews for writing scripts and creating the art for the book, but this looks like it may go too hard for me.  This teaser scene looks like something out of Requiem For A Dream and I am all good on depressing things.  I have enough of them in my personal life.


Anyways, thanks for reading.  Share this blog with friends and if there is something in recent comic book news that gets you emotional, share it in the comments.  We are all about sharing together as ‘Musers.

~ Scott Deaux ~  

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