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Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine

“When everything is possible…there’s every reason to be afraid.” -Reed Richards

Welcome to Comical Musings and the second of two looks at the “Marvel Universe Vs. _________” series.  Although I read the Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher first and enjoyed it, it served me well to read it’s predecessor.  Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine is a superior book in the fact that it included all of the things that I liked about The Punisher story, but with even more elements to love.  This miniseries had moments when it was terrifying (get that baby!).  Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine certainly should have been the groundbreaking title that introduced us to the plague.  Too bad I read it backwards … Maberry did a fantastic job with his pacing and realistic takes on a fantastic situation.  He makes it come to life and seem real.

This realism is my favorite part of Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine.  The way that relationships play out as heroes are taken to depravity is handled skillfully.  With Spider-Man in captivity, it makes perfect sense that the un-infected heroes would keep looking at him.  It was a subtle nuance that really got me.  They could all be thinking “could that be me?”  It’s very smooth and the four issues of Wolverine’s tale read quickly.

What I missed when reading Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher was that these miniseries were all multiple viewpoints into the same situation.  They overlap in places and where this occurs, it doesn’t feel boring, but strengthened and more intricate.  Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine made me like Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher more and made me excited for Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers.  That’s far above and beyond what one four issue miniseries usually can accomplish!

What I learned in reading Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine is that Wolverine is simply a much better anchor for a story.  He is familiar to casual fans and diehards alike and provides an excellent reference point for the horrors of the plague.  I found myself constantly thinking “if Wolverine is afraid…then it must be really bad,” and that ominous tone carries the book.  The Punisher hit much stronger high points in Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine than he even did in his own series.  His strength as a side character is unquestioned from stints on Daredevil, but maybe he really is served better to play a supporting role….

The writing in Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine was inspired.  I found myself wanting to copy down lines from it, because hey were such good quotes.  This could have been due to the fact that it is generally considered “easy” to write a good beginning, but harder to follow through.  I have to say that after reading Marvel Universe Vs. Punisher, I felt that the story was one dimensional, but Marvel Universe brings it into the third dimension.  Here’s hoping that Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers sticks the landing, because I have always wondered what the fourth dimension looks like.

If you have read all of this and it sounds like something that you would enjoy, first I would recommend being over 13 years old.  Second, I would recommend buying this series before Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher.  Then, I would suggest you buy it at for $8.24 in softcover and/or $10.99 in hardcover.  Then come tell us how you liked it in the comments section.  If you have already read it already, what did you think?

~ Scott Deaux ~

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