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Neil Gaiman: Humble and Brilliant Realist

Hello, hello (U2 voice!)  Comical-Musings has been working overtime lately to step up our advertising by becoming a bigger part of the Stumbleupon community.  Stumbleupon is a brilliant little web search thingy that brings you lots of cool things based on your interests.  I am loving it and am thankful to my friend Chris Fluitt for showing it to me.  In a session where you look at 10 different pages, you will probably see 3 things that you love, 3 things you don’t care about and 4 things that are either just cool or funny.  While I was stumbling, it brought me to this random video featuring Neil Gaiman.  You may remember Neil from Sandman, Marvel: 1602, or the review that Aberdeen did on The Wolves in The Walls.  If you haven’t read that, it is great and you should, but the thing I stumbled upon today was a video statement from Neil about internet piracy.  I thought that his views were striking, surprising, and well stated.  It was a smart thought expressed by a smart man who owns a great deal of my respect as a word artist.  I thought that I would share.

Neil Gaiman on PiracyYou can get more Neil at

~ Scott Deaux ~

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