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Punk Rock Jesus #2: Genesis

Punk Rock Jesus #2

Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus is now in its second issue, and I’m hooked. A quick recap: reality TV show J2 has cloned Jesus and is broadcasting to the world his birth, life, and all ensuing drama. The premise seemed more interesting than the actual first issue, but Murphy was obviously laying the ground work for some serious storytelling. That brings us to issue #2, Genesis.

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS from both issue #1 and issue #2.

A Drinking Problem

Just as it would happen in real life, the J2 television compound (think Real World or Big Brother house on steroids) is constantly surrounded by protestors (there must be some Chick-fil-a inside). This means that Gwen, the mother, and her child are on constant lockdown. We found out in issue #1 that Gwen took this gig because her family’s home was going into foreclosure. What’s some plastic surgery and birthing the Messiah if it means your family gets to keep their home? Well, except that now she can’t see her family, and for some reason they aren’t coming to visit. This sends Gwen into a depression, and her coping mechanism of choice: booze (It’s just like the Bible… wait, what?).

Meanwhile, Chris (the clone) is starting to perform baby’s first miracles. Be astounded, baby messiah has spelled “Genesis” with his little tyke alphabet blocks! What’s that? He’s turned juice into wine too! Wait, that can’t be right, can it? Oh, I see, that’s not really a miracle. Gwen gives the baby a bottle full of wine, and the show, of course, has to spin it. Gwen, already depressed and feeling like an inadequate mother, goes into a tailspin at this realization.

Why You’re Coming Back for More

Aside from the issue’s cliffhanger ending, we still are pondering these elements:

In this issue there’s more backstory for Thomas, our ex-IRA, gun toting head of security, but his place in this story still isn’t clear. We see some more of the days after his parents were killed, and there are hints that revenge of some kind has been a motivator for his life. Though, what exactly he did with that motivation, which eventually landed him in prison, has only been hinted at. Lifting the curtain only slightly, we find out that he believes the clone of Jesus to be the messiah’s second coming, and his security detail seems to be serving as atonement for these mysterious past crimes.

No mention has been made of the second child from issue #1. It could be that seeing how he disposes of the extra child, who doesn’t fit into his vision for the show, is supposed to reveal the true character of the show’s creator, and we shouldn’t expect the child to show back up. I’m leaning on this theory.

And the series title, Punk Rock Jesus, still isn’t clear. Why punk rock Jesus?

If you haven’t picked up this title yet, what are you waiting for?


~ Tim Jenkins ~

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