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Punk Rock Jesus #3: Rife With Boyish Attitude

We’ve been telling you for months now to pick up Punk Rock Jesus, and issue #3 just hit the shelves. Here’s the deal, the story is incredibly engrossing, and you’re not going to be reading anything like it.

In issue #3 we see what happens when the clone of Jesus learns about the biblical Jesus. Wouldn’t you ask, “Can I do miracles too?” Hmm, I know it wouldn’t turn out well for me. And I wonder how the biblical Jesus would react to public school as a teen, don’t you? Well, Sean Murphy thinks his clone would have just as awkward of a time.

Punk Rock Jesus #3 takes us forward through the life of Chris. Murphy is obviously building up to something, and as time goes on J2, the reality TV show, is showing signs of fraying. More plot twists and surprises have us here at Comical Musings already longing for issue #4.

Pick. This. Series. Up.

And we’re done with words, so check out some of the great art from Punk Rock Jesus #3:




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