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How to Recognize a Spider Hero

I realize that by the time this post is published anyone who cares about the identity of the mysterious Spider Hero in Marvel’s recent issues of Mighty Avengers will have found the answer from more authoritative sources available across the frontiers of cyberspace. (After all, I’m the DC guy around here.)  Nevertheless, I had a hunch, I mentioned it to Scott, he checked it out and spoiled it to Tim, then he encouraged me to write a blog about how I figured it out from a few clues gleaned from Mighty Avengers #4.  I hope you find this interesting (as Scott seems to think you will) even if you already know the answer; because after all, “wise men still seek him.”

But before I get ahead of myself, welcome back to Comical Musings, your digital headquarters for Yuletide fun (if you understand “Yuletide fun” to mean semi-coherent ramblings about what’s going on in the realm of comic books.)  If I’m not Scott or Tim, then I’m probably Hal.  If you were trying to guess my identity then you misunderstood the purpose of the article, but if you guessed correctly, good job.

Anyway, if I’m going to reveal any information that may have at one time been a secret to someone, even though it really isn’t any more, then I am obligated to issue a SPOILER ALERT!!!  If you have been reading Mighty Avengers and you are interested to know who is behind the Spider Hero mask (despite the fact that he’s now switched to Ronin’s old costume), but you will be upset if you find out anywhere other than from a grand reveal in the comic itself, then stop reading now.  Also stay away from the internet and any of your friends who also read Mighty Avengers, because it would be safe to assume that everyone knows except you.

I’m sorry this alert didn’t come in time to spare Tim Jenkins, but it’s not the first time.




Since it’s already out there, I’ll be brief.  I wasn’t reading Mighty Avengers, but I know Scott has been enjoying it since it started, and he filled me in on the mystery surrounding “Spider Hero.”  When he mentioned that his identity might be revealed in issue #4 I decided to check it out.  So, I haven’t read the previous issues, and all I’ve picked up from Scott is that he is a character with some history who wants to keep his identity hidden.

In issue #4 we are given the following hints:  he uses weapons and probably doesn’t have any extravagant super powers, he wears a coat, there is some other mysterious group and he doesn’t want them to find out who he is, he is not Clint Barton.  I pondered these clues, and they all seemed to point to one obvious solution.  (Maybe two, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t Iron Fist because he doesn’t wear a coat.)  To my knowledge, there is only one character who meets all these criteria…

Spider Hero has to be Grifter, in a special, unannounced cross-over.  The “mysterious group” from whom he is concealing his identity could either be the Daemonites or the remnant of militant Wildstorm fans.




Well, there you go.  I know it seems lame and somewhat hipster-ish to say that “I knew who he was before you did” and it’s easy to claim I figured it out now that everyone knows, but if you’re coming here for timely articles, you are barking up the wrong tree.  Anyway, thanks for reading and have a Happy…

Wait, hold-on; Scott’s shouting something at me… WHAT!?!  You mean he’s not…  Well, I’m writing the post right now.  What, well of course you can’t hear what I’m typing, just read it over my shoulder.  Ok,thattstppp…  No, no, no.  Only I type, this is my post.  So, Spider Hero isn’t Grifter?  Yes, I got the article you sent me.  No, of course I didn’t read it.  How many times to I have to tell you that I am functionally illiterate?

Alright, well, this just in.  Apparently, I correctly guessed that Spider Hero was actually Blade, pretending to be Grifter… oh, no-wait, I predicted that he was just Blade all along.  That makes sense, since Spider Hero walks in the day, and enjoys crouching in a dojo surrounded by shuriken and katanas while talking to floating orb containing the disembodied head of Fu-Manchu.  In other words, he seems mystical and into martial arts.  Wesley Snipes was released from prison in April 2013, and Spider Hero showed up in September 2013.  Blade also fits into the general color-scheme of the rest of the Mighty Avengers.  I initially suspected that Spider Hero might be Luke Cage, but then I noticed that Luke was already on the team.  And the people he’s hiding from… the Cullen family, of course!  It all makes sense now, just like when I predicted it in the first place.

So, there you go.  Good sleuthing team.  As I said before, thanks for reading and keep an eye on Comical Musings for day late/dollar short revelations of mysteries from all across the comics universe.  Until next time, may all your old elves be jolly and your New Years be happy.


~ Hal ~

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