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Riddle Me This: How Does Batman Spell?

With Batman: The Dark Knight Rises almost here, bat frenzy is reaching a fever pitch. So, here’s a little trivia to keep you entertained until that midnight showing. A talented artist named Dan Schreiner has put together what he’s calling the “Gotham Alphabat.” See if you can name them all. Answers and more about Dan Screiner after the jump!

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Dan Schreiner is a graphic artist who enjoys playing with fonts. This work cleverly uses the Gotham font face as a base. He has also thrown in a couple of other fun details beyond the character costumes: (1) The closed parts of the B and the R are white to represent Batman and Robin’s eyes and (2) Batman’s batarang is made of two commas.

Dan is also working on a clever little movie called “War is Helvetica.” He describes the project like this: “War is Helvetica is a short 3D animated film I would like to make about two different typefaces, Arial and Helvetica, coming alive late one night in a typography studio, printing weapons for themselves, going to war, and battling to the death.” You can find more information about that project at its page. If you want to see some more or Dan’s work, he lives over at

If you need help with the answers, or if you want this in cutout format so you can make spelling even more awesome, Dan’s provided a cutout version to us: Gotham Alphabat Cutouts. His only request is you post pictures of the words you spell.

Which letters gave you trouble? Which are your favorite letters?
Post pictures of the bat-words you spell! All in the comments below:

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