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Robert Kirkman Gets Talksploded!

    If you have read more than five posts on Comical-Musings, you know that I REALLY ENJOY They have tons of articles to read and over 100 podcasts to listen to there.  One thing I love about Josh, Conor, and Ron (the voices of Ifanboy) is that they are famous enough to know what they are talking about and famous enough to get interviews with creators, but not famous enough to be pretentious.  They really care about the people that are fans of their site and are professional, but not immune to geeking out over an interview with someone incredibly famous in comics.  When they interview creators, the special edition podcasts are called “Talksplode.”  You might remember that I featured one on Comical-Musings in May with Cullen Bunn and it got me to read his series The Sixth Gun, which you will read a sappy review of later this month.  This “Talksplode” is quite the opposite as I LOOOOOVE Robert Kirkman from Invincible and The Walking Dead and Super Dinosaur and The Astounding Wolf Man.  Instead of having the podcast drive me to the creator, Robert Kirkman drove me to this podcast.  He is incredibly nonchalant and humorous in the interview and I think that you would like it, so I posted it here:

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  1. Surprisingly this guy looks like you! He does seem however NOT to have your impeccable taste in companions!

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