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Scarlet Spider #5 and The Sadness That Comes With A Loss of Interest

    Hello to all and welcome to Comical-Musings.  We seek to provide you with good reviews on titles you might have missed or to celebrate the art form that is comic books.  If there were one criticism to be leveled against me, it would be that I am too positive.  There have only been a few posts in the years that I have run this blog that have been negative, but boy, do I have some feelings that I am itching to express today.

The cover to issue 3 of Marvel’s Scarlet Spider
    Scarlet Spider is a hot new Marvel property that is surprising everyone by having humble beginnings and frequently high sales numbers.  Christ Yost is writing an intriguing and enigmatic story that centers around a bad boy clone of Spider-Man looking for peace.  He has been trying to escape since the events of Marvel’s Spider Island crossover and somehow ended up stuck in Houston, Texas.  This is a fun plot device, because there is no superhuman community to speak of in this southern city, but crime is rampant and immediately effected by Kaine’s arrival.  He is a cool customer, doesn’t take crap from anyone, and finds himself in an engrossing adventure with twists and turns that you don’t see coming.  Scarlet Spider is a true anomaly in comic books as it is not produced by a superstar team, nor does it come from recycled stories.  It is new and it is wonderful…at least the first four issues are.
    I like Scarlet Spider so much that if you go to’s Pick Of The Week podcast and skip to 47 minutes and 23 seconds into it, you can hear me gush about my love for it and Ryan Stegman…coincidentally, listening to it is where I found out that Ryan Stegman would be leaving the book.  “Oh well.  I’m sure that they will get a comparable artist.” I thought.  When I read issue 5, I found out that to my dismay, I was wrong.  It was in reading this issue that I found out how important the art was to me.  I still can see merit in Yost’s writing, but without Stegman, he cannot write this comic book into relevance for me.  Oh sure, I am happy that Ryan got promoted and is most likely making more money now, but unless something drastically changes, this book is dead to me.  Reading the first five pages was like choking down dry, white meat turkey…I guess Ryan Stegman was my gravy.

    I’m sad that Marvel decided to kill something that I loved in order to horde talent.  Maybe Ryan’s amazing talent will help people to forget that Jonathan Hickman is going to leave Fantastic Four soon.  I understand the purpose, but this isn’t communism, this is “good old supply and demand capitalism.”  I demand Stegman and apparently I am going to have to go to Fantastic Four to get it.  This is ultimately not a disaster as Jonathan Hickman (a favorite writer of mine) is writing Marvel’s first family, but it is sad.  Scarlet Spider was a special feature of an up and coming character being carried by Stegman’s genius art, but now it is lost in mediocrity while Fantastic Four becomes a showcase of compounded talent.  That’s all I got, but you should click some stuff and go check out: 

Ryan Stegman’s Blog or his DeviantArt Page.
~ Scott Deaux ~

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  1. Great read. I hope you find yourself mentioned on other comic book blogs, or even brand websites, because this one is first rate.

  2. Thanks for commenting Ellen and for being a long time reader of the site. Your encouragement is always appreciated!

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