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Hi there! My name is Romeo Sid Vicious and I want to tell you a story. At one point in time I was hug fan of comic books. I had a file at Nan’s Games and Comics here in Houston, Texas that I looked forward to picking up every week. At the time I wasn’t a huge fan of the standard super-hero genre but leaned more towards titles by Dark Horse and other indies. My favorite at the time was Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children by Dave Louapre and illustrated by Dan Sweetman and the rest of my file was filled up with titles like Grendel, Predator, Transmetropolitan and other titles I deemed worthy. Now there were a couple of exceptions to my usual avoidance of the super hero genre with the most mainstream being Wolverine and I had read quite a bit of the mainstream Marvel and D.C. stuff as well thanks to friends. Over time this hobby grew less and less important and I stopped having a file at Nan’s, slowed down on purchases and eventually I wasn’t reading comics at all. Then one day I was reading Schlock Mercenary (A daily web based comic-strip) and Howard Taylor mentioned an indie comic called Skullkickers put out by Image. Since I like Howard’s work I clicked the link and went over to check it out. Now about that same time Scott Deaux’s links to this little corner of the web started showing up in my Facebook feed as well. So to make a long story short (it’s probably too late for that) this little perfect storm drug me back in to the world of comic books. Now being an old man I haven’t followed any writers, save Warren Ellis, for the years since I stopped reading comics and I don’t whose style of inking I like best but I do know when I have come across a fun read and since Scott posted a link on my wall asking for writers I took the hint and will try my hand at writing about comic books.

For my first post I want to to talk to you about the title I mentioned earlier: Skullkickers which is written by Jim Zub with art by Edwin Huang, Chris Stevens and Misty Coats. It is billed as an action-comedy and in that respect it hits the mark dead on. The setting is medieval fantasy in a world chock of nasty monsters, plots within plots and where (and this may be the most important point) the vampires don’t sparkle.

In the first story arc our heroes, one is a dwarf with axes and the other a human with a gun, are never referred to by name and in issue #1 we are dropped in to the middle of a fight between them and a werewolf. In what would normally be a situation that annoys me I read on because the dialog and art are just that good and quickly got over myself. The story here is about an assassination plot and involves all sort of evil monsters, a necromancer, and our heroes killing everything they can and frequently doing so in a very bloody manner. Yes, Virginia, skulls were indeed kicked. It seems that everyone, including local law enforcement wants to kill our heroes who are very innocently trying to make as much gold as they can while killing things even if that means inadvertently being the good guys. So our intrepid heroes go off in search of a corpse that has been stolen by grave robbers and their pet zombie because that corpse is worth a lot of gold. Tracking down the bad guys they encounter nastiness at every turn and eventually end up a necromancer who would much rather see them (un)dead than live on their tail. During all of this mayhem the characters crack wise and the action scenes are rife with descriptive sound effects. This is one well written comic book, that is, if you like pulp which I do.

In closing if you like dark comedy, have ever played pen and paper RPGs, made up or played a drinking to any of the Evil Dead series, enjoyed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, or just like irreverent comics that are well written then Skullkickers is one comic book you should be reading. It is available in print and electronic editions including being available through Comixology so you really have no excuse not pick this one up. I should probably note that this isn’t one for the kiddos although if you read any of the titles in my intro you’d know I don’t usually do kid safe comic books.

~ Romeo Sid Vicious ~

About Romeo Sid Vicious

Favorite Comics: Li'l Depressed Boy, Skullkickers, Saga, Wolverine, Invincible, Hoax Hunters, Transmetropolitan

Defining Quote: "Some days I know that if I let my brain fully understand what my gut was propelling me into, it'd chuck itself out my ear." - Spider Jerusalem as written by Warren Ellis

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