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Something New From BOOM!: Imagine Agents

I read a particularly entertaining comic book yesterday.  It cost $3.99, had an interesting concept, and wasn’t released from one of the big three publishers.  This comic book was Imagine Agents #1 from  Brian Joines and Bachan Carrillo.  I previously suggested it in our What To Watch For On Wednesday post.  It was great and I think that you should buy it.


imagine agents 1


Imagine Agents is sort of a Men In Black meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit style story.  Brian Joines creates a world that is vibrant and feels like it exists past this comic book.  The world presented in this story is ripe for expansion and Joines says that he has multiple spin-off tales bouncing around his brain.  His characters are imaginative and he takes something that could be very boring and makes it exciting.  He takes something that could be very odd and makes it feel normal.  

The story follows a “Homeland Security-esque” team as it works with, relocates, incarcerates and polices the world of children’s imaginary friends, or “figments.”  The landscape of our world could be changing as one AWOL “figment” threatens to upend the whole system and place our protagonists, both real and imaginary, into peril.    

The dirty little secret is that Joines gives Bachan some artistic license with the characters and in doing so they collaborate in a seamless fashion.  And a little collaboration goes a long way.  Bachan’s art reminds me of a cross between Brian Hurtt and Brian Churilla.  It’s pitch-perfect for the story and very credible work for an artist without a glut of skins on the wall.

Although this issue is great at setting the stage for the book and establishing the rules for the series, this feels like a pre-established property and not an experiment.  Like a tried and true concept and not a brand new series.  What I am saying is that you should drop the $3.99 and purchase Imagine Agents with less anxiety than I had because I’m telling you that this is some good stuff.


~ Scott Deaux ~

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