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SOUNDTRACK: The Li’l Depressed Boy Volume Zero – Lonely Heart Blues

You may remember that I wrote about The Li’l Depressed Boy – Lonely Heart Blues way back in April. What you probably didn’t know is that I had the spark of an idea while I was reading it that would eventually grow in to this little post. If you didn’t already know, I write for more than just our little corner of the web. I also opine on music at 9 Bullets and that is relevant because the idea that formed in my tiny little mind and has been percolating ever since was to do soundtrack posts for graphic novels. Honestly The Li’l Depressed Boy is sort of cheating, as evidenced by this panel:

No matter how much I feel like it’s cheating I am damn proud of the soundtrack I came up for this book! Now since I could go on and on about mix tapes, which is what this really is, (I once wrote a diatribe on how digital music has killed the real art in making mix tapes) I’ll just give you the music and let you run with it. You should have a copy of the book (it’s only 6.99 for the digital version) handy and just let this play as you read though…

Download and listen over and over…

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