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Subtlety: The Secret Language of Shotguns

Letter From The Editor: Comical Musings believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and celebrates diversity and individuality.  We, as a blog, understand the importance that Garth Ennis’ “Preacher” has in the lexicon of modern day comic books.  We also understand the importance that Ty Cobb has in the history of baseball and that guy was a bastard.


I read “Preacher: Gone to Texas” because my roommate (who was reading it at the time) said it was “good”.

“Good” is not an adjective I would use to describe the first volume of this series.  “Blasphemous”, “shocking”, and “overkill” leap more readily to my mind.  This comic book aims to alarm from the very first page, and is about as subtle as a shotgun.

Writer Garth Ennis’ story centers around-you guessed it- a disillusioned preacher named Jesse Custer.  He is accompanied Tulip, by a woman of dubious intentions, as well as Cassidy-a better sidekick than Jesse will ever deserve.  Ennis, in what some consider a philosophical turn, assigned God the role of antagonist.  From that point, Ennis’ attitude towards this volume of the story seems to be, “Mock those who attempt suicide, install woefully thin plot points about-gasp-weird sex, (as if we didn’t see it coming, Garth), input a well-meaning, virginal, bumbling detective with a good heart, kill some people in truly gruesome ways, and then attempt to ‘shatter’ preconceived notions of Christianity and God’s divinity in the most offensive way possible.”  Oh, and for tween appeal there’s the vampire.  By the third chapter I felt as though someone were slapping me in the face with a severed limb.

Leaving aside entirely my opinion on this comic’s religious aspect, the tawdry plot, poor character development, and sheer grotesqueness of this story repulsed me.  At times it was pointlessly cruel (Arseface…. really?) while at others the plot lagged until the next excuse for violence arose.  On the other hand, the art was superb!

I would not recommend reading this comic.  If you happen to be illiterate and someone is kindly reading this review to you, don’t even look at the pictures.  Leave this story on a shelf, gathering dust, until it is eventually recycled or shredded to line a birdcage.  Either option is appropriate.


~ Shiera Carter ~

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