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Reader Romance From Ben

Big congrats to Ben, who won our Thor Contest.  We were serious with prize support and so Ben now owns some HULK HANDS!  We hope that he uses them to punch everyone that he knows who did not enter the ...

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Welcome To The Week Of Villainy!

    It’s going to get a little darker around Comical-Musings this week as we attempt to review and learn about what makes villains tick.  We will be rolling out a group of reviews on various series that prominently feature villains ...

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A New Addition To The Writer’s Blok

    Good morning and thank you for reading Comical-Musings on this momentous Thursday.  Today, I am excited to announce a new writer to enter The Writer’s Blok!  Jim Tenkins is a longtime reader of Comical-Musings and we are making ...

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What’s Cooking at Comical-Musings

Hey guys, just checking in briefly to tell our regular readers what to expect this month.  We already have a good deal of content planned and in the works for you so make sure that you bookmark our page or ...

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Introducing A New Addition To The Writer’s Blok

    Welcome to Comical-Musings on this beautiful Wednesday…by beautiful, I mean that it is incredibly hot.  Anyways, I am excited to announce a new writer to enter The Writer’s Blok!  Shiera Carter will be bringing her unique perspective and ...

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The Hottest Issue In Comics This Week

Welcome to Comical-Musings on a week where comics are in the news!  We try to address things that are going on content-wise in comics when they occur, but I didn’t see anything shocking about Northstar being a homosexual since he ...

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