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Four Eyes

I have to admit that I bought this comic book because of a surprisingly good salesperson at a local comic shop. I went in looking for a copy of “I Kill Giants”, but they were out of stock, so the ...

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What Is The Big Deal?

Warning from the editor: Scott Deaux is typically super nice and wants to be amicable with everyone.  Due to frustration over various comic related things, he got “ranty” earlier today.  This is that rant.  Scott Deaux understands that if the ...

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Great Ideas Can Come From Casual Interactions

    It has long been a foundational principle of Comical-Musings that it is better to be in a community than to go it alone.  In a community, thoughts are generated and bounce from person to person constantly, inspiring people ...

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American Vampire Bites Them Back

Thanks for checking Comical-Musings out and we wish you a beautiful day on Planet Earth.  It seems that since I have returned to comic book blogging, I’m on a much more independent streak.  Sure I didn’t like Hell Yeah, but ...

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My Take On The Comic Book Movies of 2011

Hello everyone and thank you for giving your sweet, valuable time to Comical-Musings. We often strive to bring you strong opinions and good suggestions for comic books to read. 2011 was a great year for comic book movies and we ...

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