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DC Talk – with Hal 11/14/13

DC Talk – with Hal  11/14/13

Hey, I see you jockin’ me… So, faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.  Right?  Well, that’s what George Michael and Fred Drust told me.     Anyway, welcome back to Comical Musings.  This ...

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Earth 2 (Too) Many Characters

Earth 2 (Too) Many Characters

Earlier this summer at the E3 conference, Nintendo announced a new Smash Bros. game which will include previously unavailable characters.  Nintendo fanboys went crazy because these new characters are basically just grist for the mill, and you can never have ...

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I’m Ready to Move to Earth 2

It was a bold move for DC Comics to name one of their new comic titles after a cancelled NBC sci-fi series, but they clearly believe this alternate reality is worth the risk.  And despite a complete lack of alien reptile-monkeys, ...

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