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Tangled Web Week: Issue 13 “Double Shots”

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel I must begin this review with an honest statement: I do not like Spider-Man. I am not sure why, but I never really liked him. Aside from the occasional laugh, which he ...

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Tangled Web Week: Issue 19 “Call of The Wild”

Robbie Morrison is a British writer with some skins on the wall.  At the time that “Call of The Wild” was released, he had been writing for titles like the incredibly popular over the pond comic book, “2000 AD” for ...

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Tangled Web Week: Issues 5-6 “Flowers For Rhino”

My first thought after reading the title of this mini-series was, “Hey, that sounds like Flowers for Algernon…” (which I have never fully read, but know the gist of). My second thought after viewing the cover of the comic was, “Well, ...

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Welcome To Tangled Web Week!

Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, I would like to welcome you to Tangled Web week on  Occasionally, we like to do week-long events where we all take issues out of a series and tell you what we ...

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