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That One Post About Recent Random Comics That I Read

Occasionally, a few weeks of comic books will contain a bunch of issues that are fun and have their merits, but aren’t complete enough (an early issue with more story to go) or memorable enough (who wants to write 5+ paragraphs about just decent comics?).  This is when I do a super post with just brief thoughts about each of them.  The way that it works is that you respond in the comments section if you have thoughts about an issue or two.  So, here we go:


Batman #13:  The much vaunted return of the Joker went off without a hitch.  He’s creepy, he’s a force of nature, he’s larger than life.  The violent and psychotic Joker looks to rock Batman’s world and make him forget all about the Owls.  Lots of killing in this issue.  I don’t know if it’s too creepy for me or what, but I can honestly say that although I liked and appreciated the issue, I was more entertained by listening to’s Don’t Miss podcast with Scott Snyder talking about this issue than actually reading it.  Maybe I am a little wuss.

Uncanny Avengers #1: I love Rick Remender.  I love Uncanny X-Force (post coming soon) and he is the only reason that it exists.  Take Marvel NOW and give Rick the flagship book and that simply sounds like magic.  What it ended up being was Uncanny Avengers #1.  This comic book has fun moments with dark moments and looks like the Marvel Universe is headed in a good direction.  The funeral was poignant.  The villain moments were unsettling and it looks like even though this was a team-building issue (instantly popular with nerds) the team that was built will be substantial.  It makes sense to say that this will be one to watch and may be one to remember.


A+X #1: The AVX VS line of comic books was gratuitous and at times a little awkward.  All throughout Avengers Vs. X-Men, we would see two characters battle each other and then the  cut away.  The premise behind the VS series was to explore each one of those fights and flesh them out in Street Fighter-esque 6-10 page half issues.  It was weird and some people must have liked it, because here comes A+X.  The premise is that you take one X-Man and one Avenger and put them together in a wacky situation to watch hilarious intrigue ensue.  Issue #1 was fun and featured a Captain America /Cable story in World War 2 story!  The second vignette was a little more exotic with future heroes fighting themselves.  It’s a fun idea, but I find myself thinking “I hope that they don’t develop any of these short stories further because they would be lame.”  Not a good way to sustain a series.

Nazi Sentinels…

Wolverine Max #1: Wolverine says the F-word a lot.  That was weird.  That’s what I left this issue with.  I mean, he punched a shark (cool), but Wolverine doesn’t say the F-word.  At worst, Wolverine says “#$%@.”  That’s it.


Wolverine and The X-Men #19: Broo is on life support.  Jason Aaron teased the death of a popular character to move the story.  Boo.  Boo even more than when he got shot last issue.  At least that meant something.  The art here was rich, vivid, and all over the place.  Nick Bradshaw is to be commended except, he needs to draw retinas and pupils in eyes.  This issue was a great mid-point issue with tons of things happening and huge story developments.  We see characters progress in their story arcs and get the idea that this story is going to go places.  #19 does a good job showing the Jean Grey School as both embattled (The Hellfire Club goes hard as villains and a hero is a reflection of his/her villain) and strong (the Bamfs and Krakoa essentially defeat Swarm without involving anyone else).  It was good to see Beast conferring with the brain trust for medical assistance.  Wolverine and The X-Men continues to be one of the best comic books on the market.

Isn’t Daredevil the one with messed up eyes?


Sword of Sorcery: Amethyst #1: Sword of Sorcery is just like it sounds.  It is a fantasy and magic type of tale.  There are robots in issue #1.  The robots are revealed to be Wayne-Tech.  That is either a very cool plot development or an ingenious easter egg.  Either way, I am intrigued.


Ultimate Spider-Man #16.1: Betty Brant is a witch with a capital “B.”  She is gonna out Spider-Man.  What an injustice?!  This issue felt very real to me.  The Ultimate Marvel Universe has always prided itself on being realistic and current.  The way this story develops and all of the character interaction reads like a movie.  It’s very natural and free-flowing.  Love Robbie and J. Jonah.  Just good sideways stuff to provide a 360 degree view of Miles’ world.  The surprise at the end had me like “Wha?!?!”

Batman Incorporated #4: This issue was top-down fighting and resolution.  Batman is one part James Bond, one part George Patton as the seemingly unstoppable Leviathan is handled with ease by Batman’s skilled allies and brilliant tactics.  This was a great big battle issue.  I am really loving how well Chris Burnham can draw absolutely everybody in the DC Universe.


Punisher War Zone #1: Spider-Man is written really well here.  Sometimes I forget that Spider-Man has pretty formidable powers and is a tenured superhero.  The fact that he is a little cocky when facing The Punisher makes perfect sense to me. The fact that he almost beats The Punisher right off the bat also makes perfect sense to me.  This issue empowers Spider-Man, but Frank Castle is the star.  From page to page, the thunder is just rolling and you know that this is the calm before the storm.  I loved the scene with Logan and Frank.  The whole issue just felt very appropriate to me.


Invincible #96: Finally, the Flaxan/Robot/Monster Girl story arc resolves.  This has been happening for many issues and the fact that it ends here with an almost happy resolution was unexpectedly pleasant.  Unexpected because I thought someone would die (see Robert Kirkman) and pleasant because reconciliation is good for the soul.  It seems that all that anyone will glean from this issue is the fact that Invincible is no longer good at sex.  Whoopty-Do!  Not surprising from our sex-crazed culture that a beautiful lead is buried beneath salacious subject matter.


Revival #4: This story is still creepy and good.  I feel like they are wasting how good the snowmobile exorcist/necromancer could be, but otherwise, this book stays compelling.  I wish that I had dressed up like one of the super creepy ghosts/demons for Halloween.


Wonder Woman #13: I am just continually impressed with how the pantheon of gods is handled.  Of course they would have pool parties on top of high rises.  Azzarello is really nailing the political tension that has always made the Greek gods interesting.  The re-designs continue to impress and I feel like the pantheon themselves are the breakout character from the book.  Good stuff.


Chew #29: The Poyo spread was one of my favorite occurrences in comic books recently.  Rob Guillory is a cool guy and his work is continually mind-blowing.  Details, details, details.  John Layman still has me paying attention to what, when you lay it out on paper, seems like an absolutely ridiculous story.  Well done to them both.

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