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The New 52 (Now “Newer” Than Ever)

Welcome to Comical-Musings on this beautiful, manic, Monday.  I have been hard at work reading and compiling things to say to you as well as lining up interviews for upcoming content.  Needless to say, I will have a new suggestion, review or substantial content up for you soon.  In the meantime, I want to share something that I found interesting.

GI Combat” Art by Panosian, seen on

My wife sent me a link to today and I was surprised that it was comic book related.  That’s right, my wife schooled me on something comic book related.  When I got over being proud, I dove into the information contained on said website.  It appears that 28 photos of art were “leaked” (or given to Buzzfeed for shameless promotion) from DC Comics recently.  The subject of these photos was the “new” New 52 titles coming out .  As you may recall, DC Comics cut all of their published titles down to 52 a year or so ago and through it, they have achieved what I would, unabashedly, consider a creative renaissance.  Most of the 52 issues were great, some were revolutionary, a few were terrible.  The fun part of the story is that those “terrible” comics are now being scratched and replaced with new titles to try to achieve collective greatness.  The ones on the way out are titles like OMAC, Blackhawks, Static Shock, Men of War, Hawk and Dove, and Mister Terrific.  Basically all I had heard about these titles (except OMAC) is that they were complete bastardizations of the source material and a total waste of time.  “Good Riddance!” I say to these series.  Replacing them will be the rightfully popular Batman Inc, Dial H (a concept that I loved last time it was published), Earth 2, World’s Finest, Ravagers, and GI Combat.  There may be a stinker or two in this new wave of titles, but I will tell you that they are working with much better material on these.

There are lots of things to like here.  Chris Burnham on Batman Inc should draw all comics because I love him.  I was so sad to see Batman Inc go away and am just as excited to see it return.  Boom!  Also, Dial H has a shot to capture a new audience starved for something different.  Finally, the art on GI Combat looks really impressive.  The fact that it’s not typically hard to produce a successful war title and the incredibly low bar set by the recent New 52 war books, should see GI Combat flourish.  Everybody loves Palmiotti and Gray!  The gorgeous Nicola Scott art on Earth 2 will hopefully make people forget that the characters hit their popularity ceiling years ago with Geoff Johns in JSA.  World’s Finest and Ravagers could be hot properties featured on the blog in a couple of months…who knows?  The great thing is that we now know that if any of these really under-performs, they will try something new after 8 issues.  Good for you DC Comics!  Way to make me a fan with your business practices and policies!

If you want to check out all of the great leaked photos on, click here and keep reading!

~ Scott Deaux ~

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