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The Spoiler-Filled Follow Up To “Who Dies In Invincible #100?!?!…Yawn”

I am a huge fan of Robert Kirkman’s “Invincible” from Image comics and have been for years.  Knowing that and that issue #100 released last Wednesday, you would think that I would have just come down from the literary excellence high.  But, if you read my last post you would know that I have been underwhelmed with most everything in the book recently.  Well issue #100 came out, and I have had a week to process, so here are my SPOILER-FILLED feelings about it.


We ended issue #99 with Mark Grayson (Invincible) in dire circumstances and his head in the literal vice-grip of Dinosaurus’ claws.  What would happen?  Would Kirkman really kill Invincible?!

Somehow, through writing that last griping post, I was rather excited to read the issue last Wednesday.  I couldn’t get to it until later in the day, so I popped on over to my favorite website,, to see if there was a controversial hubub in progress.  As I selected Invincible #100 off of their ever-handy “pull list,” I read the solicit and got even more revved up:

It’s all been building to this. Mark Grayson’s entire life as a superhero, all he’s learned, all he’s endured, it’s all been leading to this one moment. Will he become the hero he was meant to or will he choose… a DIFFERENT path?
The aftermath of this EXTRA-SIZED issue will shock you.”

With a solicit like that, I decided “Spoilers be damned!  I have to know what happens!”  As I read the reviews on, one stuck out to me and nearly whipped me into a frenzy.  Frankcmu from the site’s forum community said:

 Read the first 4 pages… set the book down… picked it back up and reread the first 4 pages…

then set it back down… waited a half hour then rocked it out… great read”

Well, that just about did it.  This was going to be great.  I was mentally preparing to eat crow and apologize to Kirkman and stop being such a jerk and maybe choose a “DIFFERENT path” then that of the critic.  Later that night, I sat down and opened Invincible #100. SPOILERS TO FOLLOW 

There it was.  Mark’s head crushed and sprayed out everywhere.  Invincible was dead.  Then, Dinosaurus goes so far as to tear his body in two.  In the following two pages, we are treated to reactionary panels of dozens of “Invincible” characters laid out perfectly by Ryan Ottley.  Frankcmu was right.  It was glorious.  “What would happen now,” I thought.  My mind began to swim with possibilities.  Pages followed with Invincible in blackness.  “Was he in the afterlife?” I thought.  We are treated to scenes of the heroes trying to put the world back together in present day.  Invincible hears a voice and it turns out that the voice is Dinosaurus and that Mark is not dead.  Then as I flipped the pages we find out that Dinosaurus co-opted Viltrumite technology and Cecil’s teleporter and that what had died was a clone.  A clone.  Sigh…..  Dinosaurus says: “Sadly, I have not perfected the cloning process.  I suceeded in creating little more than a lifeless organic copy of you, but it was a very convincing copy.”  From there, I was just bummed.  What a cheap trick?!  We then find out that Dinosaurus recognizes that he is a villain and asks Invincible to kill him and now Invincible works for Cecil in the government again and blah blah blah.  Everything just kind of falls back into place.  As a bonus, at the end, we find out that Eve is pregnant again.  Yay.

Dinosaurus was a funny character that presented tons of storytelling difficulties.  He was too powerful, too omnipresent, and kind of dumb.  It was a good idea to kill him.  The best issues of Invincible were when he wasn’t trying to be God and instead worked for Cecil.  It was a good idea to renew that relationship.  In those ways, this was a good start to the rest of the “Invincible” ongoing series.  Even having Eve pregnant was cool and may give interesting plot developments in the future.  But the truth of the matter is: the aftermath of this issue did not shock me.  As an issue of Invincible, it was successful.  I even have hope that with this issue, they are righting the ship.  Unfortunately, as a “#100 event book milestone,” it was unsuccessful.  But then again, that’s just like, my opinion man.

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~ Scott Deaux ~

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