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To Which Lantern Corps Would Bruce Wayne Belong?

Batman Gets Green Lantern Ring

Use your sleuthing, Bruce.

We all know Batman’s origin story, but imagine for a moment that Bruce Wayne, instead of identifying with a cave of bats after his parents’ death, was found by a dying member of a lantern corps. Filled with the same spirit of justice, if he were less Dark Knight and more “in darkest night…,” to which lantern corps would Bruce Wayne belong?

Will? Rage? Fear? Love? Hope? Compassion?

To be clear, I’m not talking about any of the issues where Batman gets a lantern ring. That’s Batman. What I’m talking about here is a totally different destiny for Bruce Wayne. With that being said, think about this for a second…

There is no denying that Bruce Wayne possesses amazing force of will (Green Lantern Corps). He has endured both physical and emotional punishment and still pushed his way to the end. With what could be considered one of the sharpest minds in the DC universe, a Bruce Wayne with a green power ring would certainly be a force to be reckoned with. However, since the Batman persona utilizes fear, is it out of the question that Bruce Wayne could be a Sinestro Corps member? Imagine the fury of the yellow power ring yielded by the man who became the Batman in this reality and tremble. Bruce has exhibited many emotions throughout his existence in the DCU, and so one could conceive of him in the other corps as well: rage at his parents’ unfair, brutal death (Red Lantern Corps); love for the city of Gotham and its inhabitants (Star Sapphires); hope that goodness can win over evil (Blue Lantern Corps); and compassion that believes even criminals deserve better than they give (Indigo Tribe). Really, the only power rings it’s hard to imagine Bruce wielding are the orange ring of avarice and the black ring of death, yet maybe there are some who could make a case for those too.

So, I put it to you, if Bruce Wayne had become a lantern corps member instead of the Batman, to which corps would he belong? Share your thoughts in the comments.


~ Tim Jenkins ~

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  1. i could see him pull the Orange. No, not his likeliest one but he could, just as any hero potentially could.


    That sort of thing.

  2. So if he never became Batman and instead found a ring? That is a hard thing to answer (and near impossible without looking at him at least a little as Batman).

    Orange – Prime has a good point for this one. He often is seen very territorial about Gotham City. That it’s his city, and unless you are part of his family he hates when you run around trying to do things, even if its trying to clean it up. Not to mention as Gotham’s playboy millionaire son, eve outside of being Batman it would be logical to see him rather viewing the city as his, much of it his property, his stomping grounds, etc.

    Red – makes some sense due to the anger of his parent’s death, and that he kinda goes all ragey many times at people in the comics, but overall I’d say not really for this one.

    Green – This one I think is one of the stronger ring choices for him. Yeah he may have been all pissed off about his parents death and doesn’t seem to really put their deaths behind him. Even so, his will overdoes his rage. He uses will power to focus that energy of being pissed off into training and studying that eventually brings himself to becoming Batman. And as Batman its really his biggest thing moving him most the time. His will to surpass the odds, his will to keep surviving, his will to want to stop people. Not to mention his will that keeps from succumbing to his rage (at least fully/most the time) and killing people.

    Yellow – Fear, ah yes fear. If we look at him pre-Batman this I’d say is a definate no. As Batman yes, a yellow ring did try to pick him considering he loves to intimidate and make his enemies afraid of him. Looking either pre-Batman or never became Batman though, well he’s not really a fear using guy outside the suit that I can ever recall.

    Love – Plausible as he does love the city and won’t give up on it, not to mention his dead parents. I feel this one is far less prevalent than the others though and not strong enough to grant him a ring here.

    Blue – Again, don’t really see this. Mainly for while he may hope that he can make a difference by himself and hopes that Gotham can become a good city and be saved… Well he’s otherwise a rather bleak and realistic person. Not to mention always preparing for the worse of things to happen (like the chance of his own friends to turn evil).

    indigo – As Batman, you don’t tend to see a lot of compassion, unless you want to make a case of him not killing people as being compassionate. If he isn’t Batman though, it could make some sense. As Bruce Wayne he often does projects in Gotham to try and help out the citizens. Not to mention he took in Dick, then Jason, then Tim and gave them a home. Those are things I can easily see him doing if he never became Batman.

    In closing if we try to look at him never becoming Batman I think most are plausible, but that two main ones would fit him the best. Green for one, but the better thought I think would actually be Indigo. Its the trait that, if you remove all things Batman, I can see him still showing the most.

    • Sorry for not responding. It looks like the comment got caught in the spam filter, but I fished out this morning. Nice thoughts! I am with you; I think you could make a case for a lot of the spectrum. Your thoughts on indigo are really in the spirit of who Bruce Wayne is apart from Batman, so I think that’s a solid option. Thanks for commenting!

  3. totally green! his willpower to beat the joker and NOT kill him, dispite knowing it is “for the best” putting himself at risk for the very criminals who attack him (like countless issues where some idiot criminal sets a building on fire, with themselves inside and bats saves them)

    imo, he is all green (but damn if he went double ring… yellow/green like some issies of lantern… that’d be insane…

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