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Tom Vs. Aquaman?

    If you have read the blog more than twice or talked to me lately, you probably know that I like to listen to the podcasts in the absence of football.  I have been listening to old episodes and just generally being amused by Ron, Josh, and Conor.  Their shows are clever and they speak in a clear voice with biting wit.  I write this to you on “Month of Hawkeye’s Eve” to tell you that you might like one of their recommendations…Tom Vs. Aquaman.
    Many of my friends, especially my brother in-law Freddy, always tell me that they don’t wanna’ read the comics, they want me to just tell them about them.  It is generally believed that the way that I describe what has happened in the books with great exaggeration and embellishment is far greater than actually putting fingers to page.  That simple fact is part of the reason that Comical-Musings was given life…my desire to share.  Well, Tom Vs. Aquaman is similar to this.
    Tom Vs. Aquaman is a weekly podcast where Tom reads an old Aquaman comic and sums it up for you right on the spot.  He has good comic book intelligence and a charismatic nature so the jokes come fast and then they stick.  Don’t mistake what I am saying, he mostly just reads the comic to you, but it stays entertaining.  Much more so than any other silver age experience that I have had.  So, if you like Aquaman or if you hate Aquaman or if you are indifferent to Aquaman, this podcast might give you a few chuckles and an occasional chortle.  You can listen at or podcast off of Itunes.  Ya’ll be good and I will see you at midnight for the release of June’s Top Five list!

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