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Top 5 Best Comic Book Websites

When it comes to finding news quickly and information accurately when it comes to comic books, the internet is fulled with websites that can assist.  The best ones can become second homes for those users that frequent them.  Some provide cataloged data while others serve as special interest forums for discussion and debate.  Even still, there are some sites that exist as a community to the user.  Comic books are well supported by the web and websites like mine are more than appreciative of sites that I have to research to fact check posts. These are the Top 5 Best Comic Book Websites.

5. Bleeding Cool is a web presence maintained by Rich Johnston and friends that prides itself on breaking news and rumors.  The sheer amount of content that they put forth and the access that they possess is staggering.  While not always preferred by all of their peers, chances are good that if there is something to be said about anything, Bleeding Cool will weigh in with their opinion.

4. Comic Book DB boasts a robust amount of information and access to information on titles past and present.  It rarely comes up in Google searches, but if you want to do a little bit of research, you won’t come away empty-handed.  It has what one of our writers considers the best “pull” system for keeping track of which comics to purchase.  My favorite feature of this site is the creator section where they feature a brief biography and picture for many of the creators along with an extensive bibliography of everything that they have created.  Meticulous work shines even without a sexy veneer.

3. MTV Geek

When I was researching articles for posts that I was making a few months back, a new voice started to pop up.  MTV Geek was as unexpected as it was informative.  It was shocking to me to see MTV, a TV station that has essentially become all about reality television that kind of celebrates the music industry, have an offering for comic book fans.  The information that it provides is relevant and available to folks who are browsing  I look at this as a two-fold positive thing.  The first reason why is that it exists as a gateway drug to get new people into comics.  Secondly, anything that provides support or validity to the industry is a good thing.  I am glad for

2. Comic Vine is an attractive website with some real guts to it.  It is possible to find out all three dimensions of a character with sleek interfaces and rock solid information.  There are cover photos for tons of issues, character bios, and the like.  The real strength of Comic Vine isn’t in it’s images, but in it’s accessibility.  When I search a character name on google, chances are good that a Comic Vine link will be in the top 5.  That’s why it’s in our Top 5.

1. Ifanboy

Annnnnd here’s where we get emotional.  I love  Period.  Two years ago, I was basically out of comics and when I saw what Ifanboy was doing, it reminded me how much I loved comic books.  I have listened to all 300+ podcasts that they have done and corresponded frequently with the site’s creators Ron, Josh, and Conor.  Their site was the inspiration for Comical Musings and what you are reading now would not exist without them.  In Comical Musings’ infancy, I was thinking about just quitting because I felt stupid, but then I sent my site link to Josh Flanagan (Astro Van, Dixon’s Notch) and he took a look at us.  Simply telling me it “looked good” was so encouraging, especially on the internet where people seek to be negative.  It’s that positive attitude and openness that compels me to listen, read, and refer their website out like I was getting paid for it. is a good thing for the comics industry and it is our #1 Best Comic Book Website.


So that’s that.  You might notice that our site is not featured on the list, because you already know (and we might come in at number 14).  If you have a comic book website that you like better than the ones I have listed, feel free to list it in the comments as we want our readers to be well versed in what is out there.  Be well.

~ Scott Deaux ~

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