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Top 5 Best Super-Powered People To Play Running Back

With live NFL football knocking at our door, I have to admit that I am excited.  Many geeks and nerds shy away from physical sports, but I think that I speak for most of The Writer’s Blok when I state that “we like ’em!”  Wednesday, we get meaningful sports games being played and so today, we feature the Top 5 Best Super-Powered Running Backs.  Now I am not suggesting that any of the characters featured here have ever played American football, just that their power sets would give them a definite edge in playing the running back position.


5. Doomsday

Doomsday is a relentless villain from the rogue’s gallery of the “Man of Steel” himself.  He is incredibly strong and a huge enemy to overcome in sheer size alone.  He is relatively quick for a force of doom and in The Death of Superman story arc, he couldn’t be stopped on his way to Metropolis.  Even though you might need to be concerned for him physically harming your own players, Doomsday would be an effective running back.  Doomsday reminds me of a big, tough, physical back like Brandon Jacobs.




4. The Flash

When it comes to running backs, they are usually thick and powerful or speedy and elusive.  The Flash’s main trick is hypersonic speed, so you can probably guess where he fits in.  The Flash would literally run around people as his speed would be nearly unstoppable.  He probably wouldn’t be able to catch passes out of the backfield very well (moving too fast) but it wouldn’t be a stretch to compare him to either of the fastest running backs in the last few years: Chris Johnson or Jamaal Charles.





3. Speedball

Speedballs power is based on the kinetic energy of the force-field that he generates around himself causing him to bounce off of people.  When he hits into things, he speeds up and goes faster.  Not hard to see how that would be an advantage to being a running back.  It reminds me of Marion Barber’s 2 yard Run!






2. Unus The Untouchable

Unus the untouchable is another character with force field powers.  As a mutant and longtime X-Men villain, he possesses a personal force field that is in close around his body and repels those that would harm him.  This gives him the ability to run through various obstacles and not be physically harmed.  This would suit a running back as they could run with impunity.  There have been many running backs that are elusive and break tackles, but Maurice Jones Drew/Barry Sanders would fit the mold of being “untouchable.”





1. The Juggernaut

If you got a magic gem that made you unbelievably strong and unstoppable, it would probably be an intelligent idea to go sign an NFL contract.  To be super strong is cool, but being unstoppable is particularly useful as a running back.  As a villain and hero, Juggernaut, has been a stalwart.  He runs through enemies no matter which side they are on.  Adrian Peterson is similar to the Juggernaut in that once he gets going it’s hard to bring him down.





So anyways, ya’ll have a great week and enjoy the football season.  We love all of our readers!

~ Scott Deaux ~

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