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Top 5 Comic Book Related Things That I Want For Christmas

Welcome to Comical Musings.  We sincerely hope that you are so very stuffed from turkey that you are only now recovering from an incredibly sexy tryptophan coma as opposed to a football argument with in-laws, hit head on sofa coma.  Anyways, we have really enjoyed being back with you this month and you seem to be enjoying us being back too. Next holiday to shamelessly exploit is Christmas.

Christmas is a wonderful time to cash in on comic book related gifts.  It’s one of two times a year (your birthday) that people shamelessly give you things that you “want” as opposed to “need.”  Comical Musings would like to speak plainly.  “There is nothing comic book related that you need.”  Not even that bust of the 1980s version of Magneto in the purple costume.  But that, little children, is the magic of Christmas.  We are dreaming big over here and so it is without adieu that I bring you the Top 5 Comic Book Related Things That I Want For Christmas.



5. An Ethan Nicolle Commission-

Ethan Nicolle is the artistic talent behind and  He is a brilliant cartoonist with Eisner-nominated, “Chumble Spuzz” as a feather in his cap.  He does beautiful artwork and every year, he does commissions for Christmas money.  I want one.  He will draw anything that you want for a modest price.  I think that I would get 4 classic superheroes (Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor) standing around with one of Ethan’s more ridiculous characters, Sockarang.  All of these Avengers would be looking quizzically at Sockarang as if to say “what is he doing here?” and Sockarang would be giving whatever his version of a “thumbs up” is and looking like he is in tight with the team.  That would be a brilliant piece of odd and awkward art to hang on the wall.  I think I would have it done in walnut ink…


4. The Variant Cover To Harbinger #8-

Do I know anything about the Valiant comic book, Harbinger?  Yeah, I know that I couldn’t get through issue number one and that I do not have any desire to read Harbinger ever again.  Well then, why is the variant cover to Harbinger #8 on this list?  Oh, that is an easy question to answer.  Blog-favorite writer and artist, Jeff Lemire did the variant cover using ball point pens and notebook paper.  This is absolutely wonderful and the oddity of this commodity makes it crave-able.  It releases 1/23/13, so I would probably have to solicit a copy from Rick Cromack at Lone Star Comics Plano, who would most likely turn me down because it’s kind of illegal.


3. Essex County: Tales From The Farm Page 33-

Listed as a top 5 essential novel of Canada, the Essex County trilogy (also written and illustrated by Jeff Lemire) is one of the best graphic novels of all time.  Lemire’s scratchy pencils and use of scenery and birds to show the passing of time and connect everything together is masterful.  If you go to popular comic book art web page and drop down $380, you can acquire page 33 from Tales From The Farm which has many of the elements that make Essex County great.  The farm house, the birds, the powerlines, it’s all there in ink that came straight from Lemire’s pen.  It would be very cool to own and I’m not even sure why it hasn’t been purchased yet.


2. NEXTWAVE: Agents Of H.A.T.E. Omnibus-

The entire NEXTWAVE series is collected into one “really big” edition and it is available for only $20.99.  This is an understatement of the fact that we get all of Warren Ellis’ cartoon-ish goofy glory in one contained space for less money than a tank of gas.  It’s like I always say: “SEND IN THE DEATH BEARS!!!”


1. Wonder Woman, Issue 07, Page 06 By Cliff Chiang-

I have enjoyed Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello‘s redesigns on all of the pantheon of Greek gods in The New 52’s Wonder Woman, but none more than the design used on Hephaestus.  The intricacies that Cliff Chiang brings to the character are perfectly rendered on the page.  There is an excellent, realistic quality that he brings to the god of craftsmanship.  He is ugly, but lovable and frightening, but you can root for him.  It’s just a perfect modernization of the character and for $425 at Splash Page Comic Art, you can own his first appearance.  The rag tag crew that Wonder Woman has assembled goes down in to the forge of Hephaestus and there he is in all of his mole/troll-like glory.  It’s beautiful and the page would look great on my wall.


So, from all of your friends at Comical Musings, we would like to wish you a happy holiday.  Thanks for reading.

~ Scott Deaux ~

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